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When should you migrate from a regular hosting solution to cloud hosting solution?

Most web owners start with a smaller platform and then hunt for a bigger platform to host their websites. The idea sounds good and it’s followed by truckloads of individuals out there. The key is to migrate at the right time to ensure that one doesn’t lose precious customers. As

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SGI Announces Major Upgrades to Rackable and CloudRack Product Families

Web Hosting Forum – FREMONT, Calif. — SGI (NASDAQ: SGI), a trusted leader in technical computing, today announced that it now offers pre-configured data intensive solutions for its flexible and energy-efficient SGI® Rackable™ and SGI® CloudRack™ C2 family of rackmount and tray-based servers. These solutions support Hadoop as the overlying

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The Current and Future Trend of Cloud Hosting!

Web hosting businesses have evolved hugely over the years. Today, different types of web hosting packages are made available to consumers at reasonable rates. Cloud hosting is the latest buzz in the web hosting world. Many consider it as the future of web hosting business. In fact, scores of corporate

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Get Familiar with Cloud Hosting Features and Benefits

Cloud hosting is said to be the perfect hosting solution for web owners out there. Cloud hosting websites operate on multiple connected servers which is not the case with any other traditional hosting packages out there such as shared hosting, VPS etc. The very fact that cloud hosting doesn’t rely

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Does it make sense to use Cloud Hosting?

Just like any other hosting package, cloud hosting is not the right choice for every website owner out there. Cloud hosting set up is more suited for medium scale and larger websites as opposed to smaller websites. If you are running a personal website that talks about your routine life,

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Comparison between Cloud hosting and other Traditional Hosting Plans

In an era of budgeting, most organizations out there are looking for efficient ways to save their precious dollars. Because investment on web hosting package is a long term deal, small as well as large businesses don’t like to spend too much on web hosting packages. The fact that web

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Different Types of Cloud hosting Explored!

Cloud computing is considered to be the next big thing in the web industry. Often referred as cloud hosting, it involves the use of a new age technology that is found in VPS hosting as well. Today, the growth in the field of Information technology is not merely meant to

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Cloud Hosting: Is it the Perfect Hosting Solution for me?

Hosting a website is a primary step involved in creating an online presence in the World Wide Web. A web host solution enables one to create a powerful brand image in addition to a great web presence. Without a strong web presence, one’s online business is bound to crumble in

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What is ‘The Cloud’?

If you’ve been following the development of new technology at the moment and the new implementation of various techniques and devices then you will likely be up to your neck in new terms and ideas – now is a very good time to be interested in technology and it continues

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Cloud Hosting Has Emerged As an Answer to High Traffic Site’s Needs

Scores of individuals out there vouch for cloud hosting. They swear by the fact that cloud hosting is the best hosting package in the web hosting world. In other words, cloud hosting has emerged as a lion among the cats. Two of the supreme features that has surged the popularity

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