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The Many Benefits of SSD Hosting

The Many Benefits of SSD Hosting
September 10
08:50 2015

For today’s businesses and website owners, SSD (solid state drive) hosting offers a powerful alternative to the traditional hard disk drive (HDD) hosting. With a number of advantages and minimal negatives, it is very easy to see why an increasing number of business and website owners are making the smart move to SSD hosting. The following takes a close look at some of the most important benefits associated with SSD hosting, while also directing you to a reputable company that can help you make the switch to SSD.

SSD Hosting Compared to HDD Hosting

While an SSD does essentially the same job as an HDD, SSD retains data on linked flash memory chips, while an HDD stores information on a rotating disk that is magnetically coated and uses an actuator arm to read the information contained on the disk. Both are nonvolatile, meaning they store data even after the computer has been turned off, however SSD chips can be permanently installed on the computer’s motherboard, on a box wired to a slot in the computer, or on an external card. This makes the process of storing and retrieving data significantly easier and is just one of the benefits associated with SSD hosting.

Additional benefits of SSD hosting include:

Increased Speed

When they are put to the test, SSDs have been proven to read and transfer almost three times the amount of data (in megabits per second) than an HHD. This means that instead of waiting 15 to 20 milliseconds, users only wait approximately 0.2 milliseconds. Visitors to the site usually appreciate this significant difference because it makes the experience much more pleasurable and as a result, tend to stay on the site longer and come back more frequently. (This is particularly true for e-commerce sites when a delay of four seconds can result in a loss of around 20 percent of sales. [1])

Research indicates that SSD hosting is greater than 300 percent faster than HHD web hosting, which is incredibly important for sites that have a steady stream of traffic that can slow them down [2].

Improved reliability

SSDs have also been shown to be considerably more reliable than HHDs. In fact, when an HHD dies, it typically does so quickly and results in a complete loss of data. However, this is not the case with SSDs. Instead, when their days are over, they refuse to allow new data to be written on them, but they still let the user access and read any existing data.

Fewer moving parts

While HHDs have mechanical parts that result in plenty of wear and tear over time, SSDs have a reduced number of moving parts which means they are less prone to damage resulting from vibrations or jarring shocks. In addition, SSDs have the ability to operate without problem within a wider temperature range. This decreases the likelihood of a user losing all of their data in a catastrophic system crash.

Enhanced stability

Thanks to there being no need for rotating disks, which have the potential to be highly unstable, SSDs are less likely to skip during the process of data decryption and encryption. This ensures that any information contained on the website is properly stored and also means that the website will be running smoothly at all times.

Better for the environment

SSDs require substantially less energy than a spinning HHD drive, plus they just run cooler. According to recent statistics, SSD power consumption is around 80 percent less than an HHD drive [3].

Great price for everything you receive in return

In the beginning, SSD hosting was often significantly more expensive than HHD hosting. However, in time, the prices have become much closer, meaning that you are getting a great deal for all the added benefits associated with SSDs.

If you are beginning to see that SSD hosting can have a much more positive impact on your business or website than you once thought, it is time to invest in this new age technology. A2 Hosting offers all of the SSD services you need, plus some, at a cost that is completely reasonable and affordable. In business since 2003, A2 Hosting has developed a strong reputation for offering the highest quality services, as well as excellent 24/7 customer support that is unbeatable.

A2 Hosting offers customers several packages to choose from to ensure they get exactly the services they need to make certain their website thrives. In addition, they will transfer your old site for free, eliminating any potential headaches this process may cause you. A2 Hosting also offers:

  • Access to an outstanding array of pertinent statistics, such as analog statistics, webalizer visitor statistics, and more.
  • An array of freebies and website promotions including a website magazine subscription, 60 day constant contact email marketing trial, site listing in Google within 24 hours of opening your account, Yahoo and Bing Ad Credits, and much more.
  • Quick and incredibly easy 1-Click setup when you use a number of popular applications including B2evolution, CMS Made Simple, CubeCart, Drupal, Elgg, Joomla, and WordPress.
  • A variety of e-commerce features including SSL certificates, PayPal merchant accounts, PrestaShop 1-Click Setup, OpenCart 1-Click Setup, and Magento 1-Click Setup.
  • An easy to use control panel that includes the cPanel 11 Control Panel, Softaculous, easy web-based file manager, quick and simple Google Apps setup, CloudFlare Content Delivery Network, and multilingual support day and night.

Whether you run a website for business or pleasure, you owe it to yourself to make certain everything concerning the site, as well as all its data, goes off without a single hitch. Choosing to switch from old fashioned and unreliable HHD hosting to top of the line SSD hosting is the best way to guarantee this is always the case.

Reliability, stability, enhanced speed, less impact on the environment, and a much smaller chance of a system crash that immediately gets rid of everything you have worked so hard to build are just a few examples of why you owe it to yourself to seriously consider opting for SSD hosting.

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