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Why a Website is Better than Facebook for your Business

August 21
14:41 2013

Web Hosting – The argument over what method of getting your local business’ name out there that’s best rages on. What IS best? Is there any one answer? What type of online outlet should you be using for your business when it comes to keeping in touch with your local customer base, especially if you run a brick and mortar business and rely on the locals for revenue? In today’s world of living on social media, business or not, the answer might actually surprise you. Here is why a website is better than Facebook for your business.

A website is a universal tool that shows up in specific local search results on Google, especially for businesses. This is especially true if you set up an account with Google+, and get your business set up with a profile. With Google+, you can add any basic pertinent information, and link to your website and business blog, so any time someone local searches for your products and services in your area, you’ll come up at the top of their search results, connecting you with them very easily. If your business is only on Facebook, local customers may not find you using Google search results only every time. Facebook pages aren’t always visible when searching for local businesses, so having a website in terms of simply being found on the internet is a must.

You can also offer content to potential customers in a more concise, personal manner, whether they’re using a mobile device or a computer, if you choose to center your business’s online presence with a website instead of focusing on Facebook. The exceptions to this are growing exponentially every day, but right now, that still holds true. And, even though Facebook offers business a really easy outlet that doesn’t require the need for an IT guy to make changes, once you learn your way through web design, you’ll be able to create your brand yourself easily anyway.

Finally, a very, very basic reason to not focus your business’ online presence on Facebook alone is this- you don’t own Facebook. The information you stick on there, and the name you carve out for yourself on Facebook is all owned by Facebook. If you focus your online business presence on Facebook, you’re literally handing it all over to Facebook. With a website, you own it, it’s yours. You aren’t necessarily under any thumb or pretense. You make your rules.

The overall theme is this- it’s best to think about long term results when you run a business overall, and while Facebook is a very, very good tool in your online marketing arsenal, it wouldn’t make sense to make it your only outlet for your small business. Focusing on a website that’s visible in the most popular of search engines, such as Google, you’re going to do your business a huge service not only today, but down the road. Your local customers will be able to find you easily when they search for your specialty online with their computers and mobile devices, and you’ll own your content and brand online with your website. This is why, overall, a website is better for your business than Facebook.

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