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3 Reasons You Need to Move Your Hosting Operations to the Cloud

3 Reasons You Need to Move Your Hosting Operations to the Cloud
May 22
08:00 2014

Recently, a friend asked me to advise him on starting his own web hosting company.

I had many years of experience under my belt, and I was happy to share my knowledge with him. I knew he wasn’t very technical though and had no understanding of technology.

Sure, he was a great web designer, but that’s different than being technically savvy with hosting.

My friend has built up quite the design business and has been able to convert his customers from just design customers to hosting customers. This is fantastic except for one key component: he had no idea how to properly host websites.

The biggest problem my friend had was with technical support. In fact, he had to hunt around just to find qualified technicians to work for what he could afford. Worse yet, they constantly let him down and he became extremely frustrated managing them. The costs made it prohibitive to hire the quality level he wanted to provide.

Every hosting and design business I’ve ever know has had one major problem: Tech support.

  • Technical Support is time consuming
  • Technical Support is expensive
  • Technical Support isn’t marketing and therefore doesn’t attract new customers

Unfortunately, support overhead and entry costs were really high to properly do a Web Hosting company the right way. Even worse, when he would lease equipment or buy his own hardware – it soon became dated. He ended up outsourcing support and the results were dismal… this led to cancels from poor support.

So there he was, spending his evenings and early mornings running technical support by himself – instead of marketing his business.

Maybe you have or are currently facing a similar situation in your consulting, web design or web hosting business?

Another problematic issue he faced was hardware expense. Co-locating and buying your own hardware is expensive, and the servers become dated very quickly. Not to mention, you need to have a certain skill level to be able to keep these servers secure and operational. Not cheap.

So… co-location or leasing a dedicated server was not ideal for him because he wasn’t a huge company (yet). He required a better solution – one that was recently created.

Fortunately for web designers, small web hosts, and small business owners who need quality support and the latest technology – there is a perfect solution, almost like Cinderella’s glass slipper.

And like Cinderella, this solution fit my friend perfectly and he is now able to focus on growing his business.

I’m happy to share with you the solution he found, but first, let’s cover what has improved his business…

3 Reasons You Need to Move Your Hosting Operations to the Cloud

These are the 3 key ingredients to growing your hosting business, no matter how small or big you are:

  1. Provide the Highest Quality Support for Your Customers (word of mouth spreads)
  2. Provide the Latest Technology for Your Customers (state-of-the-art tools sells plans)
  3. Become a Marketing Company, Not a Hosting Company (you must always be focused on adding more customers and not maintaining the status quo)

Those are very sound reasons indeed.

You might be asking yourself, “this sounds great, but how am I supposed to do this?”


I Recommend

HostMySite Partnership


Approved Host:

They have all the ingredients you need to build and grow a solid web design, web hosting, or consulting business.

  1. Cloud OS. Built on Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V, you can host any OS and applications you need. Custom configurations you need and the scalability your customers require.
  2. White Label Support Portal. Billing, support, and customer panels are all white label friendly.
  3. Top-notch Support. Included with every plan is 24/7/365 support (verified by the FindMyHost Guaranteed Hosts team).

For more information on the new Cloud Solution from, please visit

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