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5 Key Benefits of Using MagicSpam on Your cPanel Server

5 Key Benefits of Using MagicSpam on Your cPanel Server
January 21
10:00 2015

Spam is everywhere. About 90% of all email, in fact, is considered spam, according to the Message Anti-Abuse Working Group. Much like the weather, it seems that everyone complains about it but no one does anything about it.

Until now. MagicSpam is an easy-to-use anti-spam tool that is effective in getting rid of junk email. It works by removing spam before it even gets to the inbox. Now you have access to the same protection, functionality and power that ISPs and Telcos use.

Spam uses up time, energy and money. It takes up bandwidth, requires a system administrator’s time to deal with it and uses up space on servers, all of which costs you money. The only upside to spam is for the spammers themselves.

Named for a scene in “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” spam is one of the universal common denominators for internet users worldwide. Over 99% of it comes from one of four sources:

• trojans and bots on computers owned by unsuspecting users
• email companies that consider spam a marketing tool
• accounts or servers that have been compromised or attacked
• free email providers

The result is over 100 billion spam emails a day, many of them headed right for your server.

Fight spam with the most effective, easy-to-use protection available for cPanel users. MagicSpam offers protection that is simple to install and use.

Look at these five key ways it can help you protect your virtual assets.

#1. Stop spam in the SMTP Layer

MagicSpam works at the SMTP layer to target the problem, defeating spam before it hits your inbox. Email is scanned before your server accepts it, which helps prevent backscatter. Called Mail Server Profiling, this approach is much more effective than filtering, which is slow and uses way too many resources. Many users have complained after buying SpamAssassin that it eats up their CPU. You never have that problem with MagicSpam.

MagicSpam works right out of the box. With zero day protection, you can feel safe as soon as you install it. It finds spam by doing checks of best practices and DNSBL against all incoming mail instead of scanning the body of the email for keywords, the method used by SpamAssassin and other anti-spam tools. This reduces the amount of resources needed.

Since MagicSpam is actually part of the email server, embedded in the SMTP layer, it is able to spot spam during the SMTP handshake. You can then efficiently blocks trojans and bots in the pre-data phase. Trying to check spam after an email has been accepted results not just in backscatter problems, but also increased overhead. MagicSpam design prevents this type of problem.

#2. Use outbound rate limiters to handle compromised email accounts. 

Spammers often hijack accounts from unsuspecting internet users. MagicSpam offers protection against this practice by blocking existing outgoing spam with the use of reliable outbound rate limiters. This feature is easy to figure out and effective in stopping the problem.

You don’t want to end up on a blacklist until the problem is fixed. MagicSpam lets you deal with this frustrating problem quickly and reliably.

#3. Let customers manage their own spam protection.

Many cPanel customers prefer to handle spamming functions themselves, to give themselves more control over their sites. With MagicSpam PRO you can easily let them manage their own settings controlling spam for their accounts and domains.

The result is happier customers, able to administer the job in the way that suits them. And you are freed up from the time and energy it takes to do the job. You no longer need to worry about getting frantic support calls from angry, worried or confused customers, since it is now their job.

#4. Get the spam statistics and logs you need.

With MagicSpam for cPanel, you get live statistics about the state of your email protection. MagicSpam is designed to be easy to use and easy to understand.

With MagicSpam, you don’t have to change settings, DNS or worry about complex setups. It is simply a matter of uploading the app, running the installer and then you are ready to let its advanced technology do its job.

The simplicity starts with its intuitive, attractive interface and continues with its customer controls, helpful graphs and thorough statistics. All logs are searchable. You can set up custom policies with just a few clicks. It is easy to work with blacklists and exemptions.

#5. Save money.

With MagicSpam you have less system overhead. Look at how it saves you money:

▪ reliable protection, resulting in happy customers and better retention rates
▪ constant updates included with purchase
▪ one low monthly price lets you protect unlimited address and domains
▪ quick installation–it works right out of the box with minimal configuration needed. Best practices are built in as the default settings, though all are customizable.
▪ lower bandwidth with the reduced level of spam
▪ easy to administer and install, so you don’t have to hire a specialist

The motto of MagicSpam is “simple to buy, simple to install, simple to use.” For literally pennies a day, you can quickly set up effective, reliable spam protection for your cPanel. Spend less time, get more comprehensive protection and make your servers more efficient by putting the incredible power of MagicSpam to work on your cPanel. You can find it at

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