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A Quick Look at How Web Design Companies Can Maximize Their Profits

A Quick Look at How Web Design Companies Can Maximize Their Profits
December 12
09:08 2014

The right web hosting service is critical for any website. However, with the increasing number of web hosting providers available, it can be difficult to determine which one to choose.

Shopping on price alone in the web hosting industry can be a very risky gamble. Unlike other products or services, two web hosts offering the same price can vary greatly in quality of service, reliability and technical ability. The following examines reseller web hosting with cPanel, as well as why it offers most web design companies and others, the best service and opportunity to maximize their profits.


A web hosting reseller account allows a web designer to earn money by reselling web hosting to others – typically their own design customers.

A web designer can easily charge 10x or more of the price they paid for hosting, to their own customers.

Reseller web hosting with the cPanel control panel is perfect for web design companies with a desire to maintain full control of their customer’s web sites.

It can also be used to offer a level of control which the design customer can use to perform basic tasks like creating email addresses.

Reseller hosting is also ideal for anyone who is considering starting their own web hosting company.


  • Webmasters who run multiple web sites and wish to consolidate the sites into one convenient location – with ONE monthly bill.
  • Large websites that require large amounts of disk space.
  • Web design companies.
  • High traffic sites that require lots of bandwidth.
  • ISPs that want to offer email or web hosting services but do not wish to manage servers.


Using a reseller website host offers the following benefits:

  • It is extremely cost effective and allows a user to choose a package that meets their specific needs, as opposed to paying a large sum of money every month for an entire server that they do not need.
  • The Web hosting company is responsible for all server maintenance, alleviating all kinds of stress from the reseller. Just be careful who you choose to handle these tasks. Just because a web host offers reseller accounts, doesn’t mean they are a good server management company.
  • There is usually one easy to navigate control panel that allows the user to access all of their and their client’s web sites quickly and efficiently.
  • Using a private label name server, branded nameserver, custom nameserver or a private label reseller host allows resellers to create their own brand without clients realizing they are a reseller.
  • There is minimal startup expense, allowing even brand new web hosts to enter the market and maximize their profits.
  • The reseller account holder is able to change the available bandwidth and disk space to all sites within their reseller account.
  • There are many other benefits, but lower cost and greater control, combined with “do it for me” management are the most notable benefits of becoming a reseller.


There are several things to consider when choosing a reseller web host, including:

  • The amount of disk space that is received monthly.
  • How may GB of bandwidth are allowed to be transferred each month.
  • The number of dedicated IPs, as well as whether or not additional IPs can be purchased and at what cost.
  • Are generic name servers, custom name servers, private branded name servers, and generic host names available?
  • Maximum number of domains allowed in the account, and…
  • Cost! Just kidding. The real answer is quality of service. Cost is certainly an important factor but if your site is down (and worse, your customer’s sites) because you thought it would be a good idea to take the gamble to try to save $5.00 per month…well don’t say you didn’t know any better. That’s not to say you can’t find a very good reseller hosting provider for an inexpensive price, just do your research before pulling the trigger.


All reseller web hosts do not provide the same services. There are some that focus on allowing a web site operator to create their own hosting company, while minimizing the headaches that come with it. Others are not so helpful. Keep these features in mind because they end up making a huge difference down the road.

  • What type of web support is offered? Anything less than 24/7/365 is unacceptable. Be wary of this as a marketing gimmick however. Some hosts say they have 24/7/365 email support. Great! But how long does it take them to reply? A good host will have around 20 minute response times via email or ticket system. Are there live chat or phone support options?
  • What management services do they assist with?
  • Do they have video tutorials that are easy to access and understand?
  • Do they have an uptime guarantee? If so, what is it?
  • Do they offer any discounts or freebies on things like a billing system for you to invoice your customers?
  • What SSL is available for resellers, as well as their clients?
  • Does the monthly fee include backups? How about backup restoration services?
  • Is backup restore free?
  • Is there a setup fee or is it waived?
  • Do they offer any type of money back guarantee? If so, under what conditions would a refund be given? Also, how long is guarantee in effect?

We’ve done some research on this, and found that for those interested in being their own hosting company, without all the headaches associated with it, will be an excellent fit. They offer cPanel reseller hosting packages that allow you to have easy control of your server, while they perform the security and management services that prove to be so time consuming.

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Best of all, they offer their services for one flat monthly fee, as opposed to adding all types of extra surcharges that are so common with other sites. We’ve known about GlowHost for a long time since they are one of the first hosting companies to appear on the scene. They are one of the last hosting companies that is still privately owned. A quick search on Google will confirm that they are known for offering incredibly reliable and affordable managed web hosting plans, and it’s pretty hard to find a bad review about them. For anyone interested in making money reselling great hosting under their own brand, there really is no better option. Resellers keep 100% of their profits while paying a small monthly fee to GlowHost, meaning they have the ability to generate all kinds of money and maximize their profits, at the same time reselling for one of the best web hosting companies around.

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