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Are dedicated servers dinosaurs? I don’t think so and here’s why…

Are dedicated servers dinosaurs? I don’t think so and here’s why…
November 26
15:15 2013

With all of the talk about the cloud, you would think that dedicated servers are dinosaurs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, cloud computing for the most part is ‘shared’ computing. Meaning, you share resources with other people located on the cloud. While this may not be an issue if the cloud has enough resources, it can be a problem if the cloud provider oversells the system. The majority of cloud providers are shared. And yes, it is true you can purchase a private cloud, but those cost much more than a dedicated server.

A lot of high bandwidth users can clog the bandwidth for the cloud. High disk use sites can slow down the speed at which your site is delivered. Both equal to a pretty poor experience.

The main reason most people use in their argument for the cloud is cost savings. However, dedicated servers are just as cost effective, if not even more affordable. Private clouds are even more expensive in most cases than a solid dedicated server.

And truth be known, I have several experts in the cloud field that maintain a dedicated server still can’t be beat when it comes to running databases and busy websites. The freedom and power a dedicated server offers is second to none.

Now I’m not bashing the cloud, I’m just pointing out that dedicated servers are still viable and cost effective options when it comes to determining where to host your business.

Luckily, I’ve found a solid solution for your dedicated hosting needs. Cost effective, up-to-date hardware, and fantastic support.

We recommend: HostMySite offers windows and linux dedicated servers along with the following features:

Powerful Management Tools

Control every aspect of your server from our easy to use web interface from high level functions like remote restarts, to service level management, to individual user and domain configuration.

Powerful, Reliable Hardware

All servers feature Intel Xeon processors and come standard with RAID 1 storage arrays, where data is mirrored across two physical drives for the ultimate in redundancy and performance.

High Performance Network

All Dedicated Servers have 100MB connection to our Gigabit switching fabric powered by the latest enterprise switches from Juniper. With over 25 gigabits of redundancy upstream capacity with multiple backbone providers and diverse points of entry for maximum resiliency.

24×7 Direct Support

As a HostMySite customer, you have direct access to our highly skilled team of administrators 24x7x365, based right here in Newark, Delaware. No phone trees to navigate, no escalation process to complete—just direct access to someone that can solve your issue, right then and there.

Iron Clad Data Centers

A server is only as stable as the data center in which it resides. All of our data centers are owned and operated by us (we are not collocated in someone else’s facility), and feature fully redundant N+1 power feeds, generators, UPS, and cooling systems

100% Uptime SLA

Our infrastructure is backed by a 100% uptime guarantee. If our network, power, or HVAC systems cause an interruption in your service, we’ll give you a refund. 

No Contracts

Things change. We understand. At HostMySite, you have the flexibility to add, remove, or change your service at any time. Pay monthly, quarterly or annually—whatever works best for your budget—there is no minimum term or commitment.

“In terms of raw performance and capacity per dollar – nothing beats a dedicated server” said John Enright, President of HostMySite. “We just recently launched a new server configuration that has two SSDs, 8GB of RAM and two quad core Xeon CPUs for less than $100 per month – that kind of power and throughput in the cloud would cost at least 5 or 6 times as much.”

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