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Blog Web Hosting – Why Pay for Blog Hosting When You Can Get It For Free?

August 10
15:24 2010

I’m pretty new to Blogs in general and really had no idea they were so popular. Even Google thinks they are important and it seems blogs tend to rank higher and be updated more often within the search index.

I thought it might be good to write an blog article on finding a good Blog Web Hosting company and how to locate one. You might ask yourself, why should I pay for blog hosting? It’s no secret you can get a free account at WordPress and any number of other similar providers.


  1. Use your own domain (
  2. Robust hardware to handle the Digg Effect
  3. Ability to customize and install widgets

You worked hard on your domain name, you should use it for your blog. Not everyone chooses to do this and I’m not sure why.

In addition to using your own domain, you want the ability to handle the DIGG Effect. I’ve attended several WordPress Camps and learned if you have a popular Blog, you can suffer from the DIGG Effect. For those of you who do not know, DIGG is a popular headline site. Readers submit stories and depending on how popular the story is, it can be featured on the home page. The avalanche of traffic you receive can bring the free WordPress account to its knees. When this traffic comes your way, doesn’t it make sense you should have the capability to maximize the positive results by staying online?

Surviving this onslaught of traffic depends on your budget. If you can afford your own dedicated server, I recommend getting one of those. If shared hosting is the only thing you can afford, I have some suggestions below on what Web Host you should consider.

Another good reason is the ability to install and configure custom widgets. I’m not 100% sure you can install all the cool little widgets you can find at the WordPress Plugins Directory on a free account. Some plugins require you have certain permissions not available on the free plan.

So what makes a good Blog Web Hosting company?

Obviously one that provides the basic resources of WordPress, b2evolution, and LiveJournal. Below I recommend companies for a variety of hosting scenarios. A company that offers a robust and solid network. Try not to be fooled by the lowest price, there might be some corners cut to provide that pricing.

Probably the most important requirement from any Web Host is quality technical support. You want a company who understands Blogs and how they work. If you have questions concerning your blog, it would be nice to get an answer. Make sure to contact any hosts sales department and clarify that they will assist you if you need help setting up your blog.


1. Dedicated Server (Medium to Hight Cost) – The choice of high profile bloggers. You need to have some server admin experience here. There are many companies you can select here that offer quality hardware. I recommend:
2. Shared Hosting Account (Low to Medium Cost)- A good cheap alternative if you choose the right web host. Perfect for bloggers who don’t want to admin their own server. If you don’t pick the right shared host, you’re back at square one and won’t achieve the additional traffic from the Digg Effect.

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