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Cari.Net Launches Continuous Cloud Services – better than Paying by the Minute or Hour

Cari.Net Launches Continuous Cloud Services – better than Paying by the Minute or Hour
June 26
16:23 2013

San Diego, CA – When you are paying for bandwidth with a cloud server you might not realize that you are paying some hidden fees. You also could save money if you made the move away from a pay as you go plan and started taking advantage of continuous cloud service. Only paying for what you use sounds great on paper, but what if you use a lot of bandwidth?  If you look at a service like Amazon where you pay for what you use, and you are using a ton of gigabytes with your business or website then it actually gets expensive. Would it not make sense to just pay for continuous cloud bandwidth and only have one fee?

Cloud computing is really taking off in the age of businesses mostly operating online with their sales, advertisement and everything to do with their business. Since you have a cloud host, there is not something tangible called a cloud, but a structure where data is stored over many different computers. Several hundred people pay for bandwidth as they use it, and they are all working from the same server except there are countless machines for it to run through.

For thirty-six dollars a month with, you can buy unlimited bandwidth and use it freely. No matter how many apps you download, info you receive, or surfing you do it is all covered by one fee. wants to give you cloud pricing simplified. Your server should not be like trying to keep up with minutes on your cellphone. As far as the hidden fees go, they make sure there are not any fees you are not aware of. Other companies will offer pay as you go, but charge extra when you use a certain amount of bandwidth without telling you, will not do that.

Saving in the Long Run
“ saves small business money by moving I.T into the cloud.” Saving on I.T. cost is important when you are running a business, and you need a server that works for you not against you working towards this goal of saving money. offers enterprise quality backup that small business can afford to use without worrying about the high cost of usage. They own all of the data centers they operate, and have people available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues you have with your server. has offered on demand hosting for over fifteen years and is privately held with no intentions of selling out so see what they can do for you today!

About Cari.Net has been offering on demand hosted services for over 15 years. owns and operates all of its data centers. is privately held and has no intentions of selling out. For more information about Cari.Net please visit

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