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Cloud Hosting: Is it the Perfect Hosting Solution for me?

Hosting a website is a primary step involved in creating an online presence in the World Wide Web. A web host solution enables one to create a powerful brand image in addition to a great web presence. Without a strong web presence, one’s online business is bound to crumble in

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What is ‘The Cloud’?

If you’ve been following the development of new technology at the moment and the new implementation of various techniques and devices then you will likely be up to your neck in new terms and ideas – now is a very good time to be interested in technology and it continues

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Cloud Hosting Has Emerged As an Answer to High Traffic Site’s Needs

Scores of individuals out there vouch for cloud hosting. They swear by the fact that cloud hosting is the best hosting package in the web hosting world. In other words, cloud hosting has emerged as a lion among the cats. Two of the supreme features that has surged the popularity

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Cloud Hosting – A Hype or Reality?

Cloud hosting seems to be in full force now. It’s overshadowing its competitors with every passing day. That being said, not everyone out there is completely clear about the concept of cloud hosting. Most people often wonder what the hype is all about. Some think that the future of cloud

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Can I expect 100% uptime with Cloud Hosting?

Scores of industry experts say that cloud hosting would dominate the web world in the years to come. Some even claim that other hosting packages such as shared hosting would be nearly dead in the years to come. Agreement to such claims is a matter of personal choice and experience.

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A to Z guide into shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting

The term web hosting may not be stranger to you. However, loads of people out there are still confused over web hosting services. Although web hosting business has experienced a great spike over the last few years, not every web host user is a satisfied user. No matter what web

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Cloud Hosting Verses Regular Hosting

The difference between cloud hosting and regular hosting is a subject that has garnered great attention from web owners. A regular hosting plan allows one to publicize one’s website to the global audience. Cloud hosting does the same, but with a twist. In a cloud hosting environment, one’s website is

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ValueReseller Launches New “Private-Label” Cloud Hosting Reseller Plans

Web Host Blog – Flemington, NJ – ValueReseller, a leading wholesale managed hosting provider, announced the launch of its “reseller cloud” this week.  The ValueReseller Cloud gives web hosts, hosting resellers, and web developers the ability to offer their clients VMware-based cloud hosting with a 100% infrastructure uptime SLA. ValueReseller’s

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VMware Delivers Cloud Foundry, The Industry’s First Open PaaS

Web Host Blog – PALO ALTO, CA — VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, today delivered Cloud Foundry™, the industry’s first open Platform as a Service (PaaS). Available today, Cloud Foundry represents a new generation of application platform, architected specifically for cloud computing environments

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Cloud Hosting Checklist – What you need to know before migrating to the cloud

If you are migrating to Cloud environment, first of all get ready with your checklist for successful cloud. It’s no doubt cloud has become hot topic everywhere because of its mobility & flexibility at lower costs. Cloud infrastructures are next generation platforms that can provide tremendous value to any business. 

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