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VPS Hosting – Cost reduction or Single server dependency?

What is in it for you? Building a website is not a difficult task, but maintaining it is quite critical. It requires most of your time, hard work & expenditure in maintaining a website manually irrespective of size of your organization. If you are a small scale organization, you might

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Using CDN To Improve Your End User Experience

If you take the time to notice the actual content being delivered to your browser when you load a page on any large site, you’ll find that many of the images – and even the text content itself in some cases – are not actually being retrieved from the site

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Beefing Up Security With Web Application Firewalls

If you’re fortunate enough to have a growing online business, you will find your hosting needs growing along with it.  What may have started as a single server may now begin to resemble a burgeoning IT shop, with multiple web servers, database servers, mail servers, and file servers.   All businesses

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How To Move Your Shared Host To A Dedicated Server

Shared hosting is the choice of many small business websites as well as a preferred option for many bloggers and individuals maintaining low-to-moderately trafficked personal web sites.  Shared hosting has a number of advantages, but obviously first and foremost among these for most small businesses is cost.  Unfortunately, shared hosting

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Understanding The Benefits of Virtualization

You may have heard rumors that virtualization, cloud hosting, VPS services, and other “virtual” solutions are more expensive, unreliable, slower, have a complex migration, and are difficult to manage. However, all of these could be far from the truth.  What is certain is that with virtualization you will be spending

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When does colocation make sense for your business?

In today’s economy running your own internal data center is an expensive undertaking. Hosting web servers, application servers, and collaboration servers within your own office building is a reality for most small businesses. IT managers prefer close proximity to equipment so they can manage any hardware failures or software issues

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Why Should You Start a Blog On Your Business Site?

In the early days of the Internet a business site was a simple brochure of products and services. More likely than not, it included a contact form and a phone number if the site visitor wanted to request more information. As time went by, Web sites evolved to include online

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The Business Case for Managed Hosting

Managed and Semi-Managed Web Services Web hosting has never been more affordable—or more complicated. Rich media, social networking, sophisticated eCommerce platforms are all making the Internet experience incredibly dynamic and profitable. Still, security threats are greater: last year alone, the number of viruses, worms and trojans in circulation topped the

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5 reasons why your business should use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

You may not know what a Content Delivery Network is, but your online business can benefit greatly by using one. Imagine fast content-based delivery to the end-users who visit your web site from anywhere in the World. Typically, decreasing end-user load times is only achieved by having physical servers located

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Cheap Dedicated Server Companies New Emerging Market : Virtualized Dedicated

As I surf through several cheap dedicated server host web sites, I see budget server after budget server. Competition is stiff and furious for the low-end Dedicated Server customer. I can only imagine the insane churn rates, low profit margins, and overall headaches caused by the low-end customer. What’s scary

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