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Does your cloud provider offer a private network?

Does your cloud provider offer a private network?
June 10
16:25 2013

You may be asking what the heck is a private network? A private network quite simply is… private !

All kidding aside, a private network is a network that controls who gets access to hardware that reside on the private network. Only those with proper credentials are allowed to connect. Your home Internet provider and all other ISP’s are connected to the ‘public’ Internet.

You can also think of a private network as one that is like a parallel universe of sorts. It exists, but to only those that know about it and can access it. For all others, it appears invisible.

How does a private virtual network… work?

A cloud server enabled with a private network connects to other cloud instances via a ‘virtual network’. Your web host controls which cloud instances are allowed on the network. To be on the network, your cloud server must be connected to the private virtual network.

The web host can then control who gets access to this private virtual network, as well as the hardware by giving you access. You then create a connection from your existing PC to this private network and then may access your server.

Cloud servers equipped with a private virtual network also have access to the public Internet. The reason for this is quite simple:

1. If you have a public website, the public network allows your visitors to surf your website.
2. You allow access to SSH, WordPress, and any other critical access to only be accessed via the private network.

Management is then handled via the private virtual network, where you control access. This eliminates a lot of security threats right out of the gate.

Private networks are still not readily available with every web host. Very few are offering private virtual networks on their cloud servers. The good thing is, I’ve found one for you that I will reveal later in this article…

… at first, a private network might not seem like a big deal. At second glance though, a private network opens a lot of possibilities for you.

The Internet is still the wild, wild west
Consider for a moment the state of the Internet. The Internet is still like the wild, wild west.

Hackers, thieves, and people who want your money are all trolling the Internet looking for an easy score. Every day it seems there is a new security flaw exposed somewhere.

A private network puts an impassible barrier between your server and thieves. This extra layer provides unsurpassed security for your cloud or VPS server.

You owe it to your customers and company to provide as much security as you can afford. Fortunately, the Web Host I’m about to reveal includes a private network at no cost for all of their Cloud servers.

Reducing bandwidth charges

If you do a lot of uploading, downloading, or even backing up your servers, a private network can reduce your costs tremendously.

Let’s say you have a backup server separate from your main server (if you don’t you need to do this). Utilizing the public network to run backups over does two things:

1. Bandwidth is squeezed down so your main web site isn’t performing optimally. Consider a 2 lane road at rush hour, a 4 lane road handles traffic much better, right? Sharing your public port to run backups and also handle backups congests your server. This could lead to slowness for your public visitors.

2. Bandwidth is still expensive. Running backups over the public network can run up your bandwidth costs. Consider the host I’m going to reveal doesn’t charge for bandwidth on the private network.

We Suggest

Our recommendation for cloud servers with a private virtual network is

This web host provides private virtual networks with all of their cloud instances. Better yet, provides affordable cloud servers and multiple locations.

In addition, has passed all of our rigorous testing and support checks. You can rest assured your server is in good hands with the fine people at

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