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Does your Website need an SSL Certificate

June 12
16:16 2013

Web Hosting – If you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce website, you need to know about SSL certificates and what they do for you and your shoppers. A lot of online business owners choose to not use them, and while this might seem like a good short term solution, the long term results of not having an SSL certificate are far reaching. Having an SSL certificate can determine the life or death of your online business and website. So, does your business need an SSL certificate? Absolutely, and here’s why:

We’ve all seen the stories on the news about hackers getting into big websites with stored and sensitive information. Passwords, addresses, medical information, even credit card information, banking information, and other similar information are stolen. What’s your first reaction? You instantly think that you’ll never use that website again. They broke your trust. You trust that website to handle your information responsibly no matter the cost, and when that trust is broken, that website’s credibility, and your business fly far out of the window.

When people shop online, they understand that there are potential risks. However, websites that take further steps to help guarantee privacy and safety carry with them a sense of trust- and websites that are SSL certified have that trust. A lot of people don’t pay attention to whether or not a website they’re sharing information on is trust worthy- in fact, most businesses that sell online goods without SSL certification can probably be trusted- however the risk is far greater for the shopper. Most shoppers work very hard for the money that they’re spending, so it pays for them to know that where they’re handing over their cash will respect them and their information.

The reality is merchants need to have SSL certification because many shoppers won’t shop at a website without it. Long term customer retention and trust are two very important aspects of success over the life of a business, and SSL certification gives that to online websites. Customers will gladly sign up for e-mail alerts from you, join your mailing list, subscribe to your blog, create accounts, and even hand over their money if they know that they can absolutely trust you and your website. SSL certification insures that any sensitive information handed over to your website is safe and secure. This is extremely important for online businesses.

Our tested and certified web hosts offer SSL certification to all of their customers as a basic feature of good website design. You can find many of these web host providers in our eCommerce Marketplace. You can trust that our web hosts are the best of the best because we never accept affiliate compensation. Our recommendations are based exclusively on the quality of service and excellence of their products, and nothing more. Like a merchant who uses SSL certification to handle sensitive information, you can trust that we have your best interests as well. Have a look and find out why our web hosts are the best the web can offer!

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