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FindMyHost Interviews Ralph Karseboom – CEO/Owner/Founder at HostSlim

FindMyHost Interviews Ralph Karseboom – CEO/Owner/Founder at HostSlim
June 13
12:36 2016

Please tell us the year established and brief history of HostSlim?
I started HostSlim back in 2009, now we have grown to a size I did not dare to believe back then. We currently own all our network equipment, routers and servers and have 3 different office locations.

What do you offer your customers that are unique to your company?
10X. We deliver in 10X ways. 10X more, 10X better response times, 10X uptime, 10X more time for our customers and so forth.

What is the most challenging aspect to offering Dedicated Servers?
Price. We get these questions all the time: “Can I get discount or I will only pay X amount” which is considerably lower. We offer fairly priced dedicated servers, there’s always somebody who will do it cheaper. But we are always assured that they won’t do it better, not can offer the quality we offer.

What is it that makes HostSlim a competitive company in the Web Hosting market?
Our DNA is based on a fair price for terrific service. We take all of your cares out of your mind. We setup your whole infrastructure or if needed your website. You have some hosting companies who tell their clients to “fix their own stuff”. That’s now what we consider offering hosting. That’s why we have chosen to make all our hosting plans standard managed.

What new features have HostSlim added for its customers in the past year?
– More DDOS protection (800GBPS)
– More bandwidth (doubled)
– More peering and pops connected to our network
– All our servers are made fully managed

What would you say is HostSlim #1 asset to its customer base?
Care. We care for our clients. And we do not just say “Oh we care” and then just let the client down as you see a lot in the industry. We truly care as our customers provide food in our mouths. We care the fullest extend and try to show this to our clients everyday.

Where do you see HostSlim and the web hosting industry in three years?
An even higher share of the marketplace. We want to change the way hosting businesses operate and want to make a permanent impact.

How many customers do you currently have?
Approximately 6500. This does not count the clients of our resellers or indirect-clients of us.

Who are some of your famous clients?
We have some program makers from Dutch television who are hosted with us. Programs that are aired on the most famous Dutch TV channels.

Do you own your own datacenter?
We have our own routers, switches and servers and all the equipment. We use cages from datacenters in The Netherlands. So we basically own everything except the building and cages.

Where are they located?
The Netherlands

What kind of backup power do you have?
We have 2N power (FEED A FEED B) so in case of one feed failing, the other will take over. The datacenter has several generators and grade A UPS’s. So if there is a power outage, nothing will happen.

Do you have multiple backbone connections?
Yes we do.

What connections do you have?
All the information can be found on our network page.

Do you offer 24/7 support?
Yes, we do offer 24×7 phone and ticket NOC support.

Do you have technicians present 24/7 or 9-5 M-F?
24/7 in case of emergency and 9-9 at the office.

What is your average turn-around time on a support ticket?
Aprox. 20 minutes.

Do you charge your clients for support? If so, please explain.
No we do not. All our plans are standard managed.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes, we offer a 14 days money back guarantee as stated on the website.

Thank you for your time and insight into HostSlim.


FindMyHost Interviews Ralph Karseboom – CEO/Owner/Founder at HostSlim - overview
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Summary: HostSlim is a dutch company with a new concept for powerful, whitelabel servers at very low prices. HostSlim specializes in all types of hosting services. They are one of leading web hosting provider in the industry and provides Stream Hosting, Virtualization and many more hosting solutions. HostSlim are committed to provide professional, secure and robust hosting services to their customers. Their low cost hosting plans provide everything you need to run a successful website on a budget. HostSlim backup their services with guaranteed server uptime and around the clock technical support via phone, live chat, email & ticket system.

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