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Getting More Control with Colocation Hosting

Getting More Control with Colocation Hosting
January 28
17:11 2013

Your business might have grown to the point that you outgrew your simpler hosting solution, and switched to a larger solution that offered you more power and speed. This is pretty common for successful online businesses, and the allure of switching to a large powerful system that requires little work on the part of the business is an attractive feature- but many find not having a lot of control over the hosting and the server environment to be very limiting. But there’s a great compromise available to larger online businesses or businesses that don’t have a lot of physical room to house their own server or have the willingness to completely run it on their own, but want more control. Colocation hosting is this fantastic compromise.

For colocation hosting, you purchase your own server and hire a colocation hosting business to house your server for you. These places have specific environment controls that include temperature monitoring that keep your server running in top performance. They have backup power systems, so you don’t have to worry about your server going down in case the colocation host has a power outage. Colocation businesses are extremely secure, and typically offer highly trained IT personnel to handle any technical problems that arise with your sever. You handle your hardware, upgrades, downgrades, and any changes you want to make. You choose your systems. You basically run your own server and its’ components while a colocation host houses and protects your server for you. It’s a great compromise for growing businesses who want more control over their hosting.

One great colocation host to consider is CoreXchange, based out of Dallas, Texas. They offer the best available in backup power generation, security, and the best IT personnel available. They boast a secure SSAE 16 SOC-1 Type II audited data center environment with 24/7 physical access and 24/7 customer support. They also offer 99.9% network SLA and 99.9% power SLA. There are three server packages to choose from with CoreXchange as well. Their Half Rack system costs $299.00/month, and includes a 20U Lockable Half Cabinet, 20 Amp Power drop, premium bandwidth, and free IT hands and eyes. CoreXchange’s best value is basically the same as their Half Rack, but their Full Rack system costs $399.00/month and you get 42U of Lockable Cabinet space. A full private cage costs $2995.00/month and includes move-in ready cages with 42U Lockable Full Cabinets.

To order a system with Corexchange, simply select the rack system you want to purchase, fill out the cabinet options you want, and then move onto your personal information and payment information. There is also a chat attendant waiting to help you if you need it as you sign up. It’s as simple as that!

As your business grows, you’d be surprised how much control you wish you had over your hosting. Colocation hosting could be exactly what you need in higher technology access and freedom in hosting services. If you’re ready to accommodate your growing business and your growing needs, colocation with Corexchange may be exactly what you need.

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