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Going Beyond Regular Dedicated Hosting with On Demand Service

Going Beyond Regular Dedicated Hosting with On Demand Service
March 04
14:05 2013

When a business finds itself in need of extremely powerful hosting, they usually turn to dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting offers the most powerful configuration of hardware allowing for maximum capability, fast speeds, and highest potential for upgrades and changes in hardware. But the problem with dedicated server hosting is, typically it locks a business into an extended contract- limiting that growth and flexibility that so many businesses actually need. But there’s one company that offers dedicated hosting that also allows for optimum flexibility and custom configuration. That service is called Dedicated Server Hosting On Demand, and is currently offered by one of our best hosts- SoftLayer.

SoftLayer’s On Demand dedicated hosting allows for flexibility by offering contracts that run on a monthly basis. Each month if you wish to change any aspect of your dedicated server hosting with SoftLayer, you can simply do that. Another very attractive feature of SoftLayer’s On Demand Dedicated Hosting service is their myriad of default features that are available with all of their dedicated server packages. These standard features include:

  • 5 TB a month of outbound public bandwidth
  • Free unlimited inbound public bandwidth
  • Free private network bandwidth
  • Geographically redundant DNS
  • Server-to-server connectivity
  • 24/7 Online and phone support
  • 24/7 Data Center Staffing
  • Overall advanced resolution systems
  • E-mail delivery service
  • Your choice of OS
  • And many other features

Signing up with Softlayer for their On Demand Dedicated Server hosting service is easy. Since you’re not trapped into an extended contract, you can start with one of their simpler packages and move up from there if you’re unsure of what you need at the present moment. To do so, simply select one of the single processor selections under the single processor options tab on the left of the webpage. Click on “configure and order” under your selection. You’re then taken to a page that allows you to upgrade features like your RAM allowance, choose your OS and data center, your hard drive distribution, your network, and any additional storage you may need. Then click “continue your order” and you’re taken to a page where you can configure more aspects of your dedicated service package. Once you’re done, you move onto configuring your services. To keep any basic package offerings without adding on extra cost now, simply select the basic options as you go. Once you’re finished, you add your shipping and personal details, then your payment options. As you go, you’re also able to use a 24/7 live chat customer service agent if you need to do so at any time.

Flexibility when it comes to dedicated server hosting hasn’t been as available in the past as it is today. Since SoftLayer found a solution to this problem with their On Demand monthly contract agreements, flexibility with the power that dedicated servers offer is now possible. Sign up is a breeze, and as always, we stand behind their service and products 100% as a Guaranteed Host at

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