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HostingCon 2012 Taps Black Lotus to Share DDoS Mitigation Expertise

July 09
17:24 2012

Web HostingLOS ANGELES, CA – Black Lotus, a leader in availability security and provider of distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, today announced that its president, Jeffrey Lyon, will moderate a DDoS panel discussion at HostingCon 2012 in Boston, Mass. on July 17th, 2012. Experts from Arbor Networks, CloudFlare and NSFOCUS will participate in the panel to share DDoS attack vectors and practical defense strategies that can be employed by any company.

The session, “Technology Strategies and Practices for Defending Against DDoS Attacks,” will be community driven, allowing attendees to submit discussion inputs and questions on Facebook. This panel will address the mainstream occurrence of DDoS attacks, a problem once considered exclusive to criminal enterprises and online gaming. Experts will prepare the common web host to deal with DDoS threats, offering pragmatic strategies for hosts to protect themselves and customers against denial of service attacks. The panel will include:

Matthew Prince, Co-Founder and CEO of CloudFlare
Kevin Hatfield, an independent DDoS security consultant
Carlos Morales, Vice President, Global Sales Engineering and Operations of Arbor Networks
Richard Zhao, Chief Strategy Officer of NSFOCUS

“This DDoS mitigation panel is unique in its discussion of the trends and strategies affecting hosting companies, as opposed to focusing on a single company or technology,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare. “The HostingCon panel will be an opportunity to hear insider perspectives on availability security and protection against denial of service attacks.”

“Hosting providers often have a higher risk of DDoS attacks than other online businesses because, in effect, they aggregate the risk of all their customers,” stated Carlos Morales, vice president of global sales engineering and operations at Arbor Networks. “An attack on one customer can affect others and potentially the entire hosting operation because of the heavy reliance on shared infrastructure. The overall impact of a DDoS attack is a function of the time it takes to detect the attack, the time needed to mitigate it and the extent of service degradation both before and after mitigation.”

HostingCon 2012 is the leading conference and trade show for the hosted services and internet infrastructure industry, held this year on July 16-18 at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston, Mass. This year, attendees for HostingCon are expected to exceed 2,000 professionals.

Attendees can meet the Black Lotus team to learn more about the recently announced integration of the patent-pending Human Behavior Analysis (HBA) technology from Black Lotus with the NSFOCUS ADS DDoS mitigation system. Black Lotus’s HBA is engineered to determine whether a single visit to a website is a real person or part of a botnet attack. The Black Lotus solution can identify when abnormal spikes in traffic are organic in nature, or the result of DDoS. In the event of a malicious attack, traffic is temporarily blocked, protecting the web host and its customers.

“This year’s show is going to be absolutely incredible,” stated Jeffrey Lyon, President & CEO at Black Lotus Communications. “We’re looking forward to a historical event which, for the first time ever, brings numerous DDoS mitigation professionals under a single roof to talk about practical DDoS protection solutions that can be employed by any hosting provider.”

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