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How to make money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

August 14
17:20 2013

Web Hosting – If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing, have a website set up of some kind, and a pretty good idea of the companies you’d like to market for, you may be wondering what you do next. The next steps you take will invariably determine your success as an affiliate marketer, so it pays to make sure you know what you’re doing and have a great plan in place to follow. While there isn’t one single action you need to take from here to insure success, there are some things many successful affiliate marketers did in the very beginning of their careers that set them up properly. What are some of these things, and what’s the right step for you to take next? How do you make money with affiliate marketing if you’re a beginner?

Back in the internet’s infancy, affiliate marketers found great success with a tactic they called “link farming” or “banner farming”. This is where an affiliate marketer created a website just for the affiliate ads they were working with, with some marginal amounts of content on the same website. The simple goal of this website was to have search engines pick up their website using nothing but mounds of text with popular keyword searches that didn’t actually make sense to read, and pages pointing to other pages filled with ads that someone might click on. The simple strategy was nothing more than a numbers game. If they got their keywords right, enough people would swarm to the page and a percentage of those people would invariably click on a link. The content itself was poor, the audience wasn’t benefitting in any way. You can’t make money like this anymore and creating a banner farm is heavily looked down upon in the affiliate marketing world. Today beginners need to be honest about their intentions on their websites and offer web surfers and shoppers real value.

What you need to do is start a website or blog that has nothing but great content from you, or from people you pay or know contributing. This holds audiences and gets more traffic while creating trust.  You can insert links to products or websites you work with, but always have a disclaimer telling your loyal following that you do this, and you may be generating an income doing it. The reality is, affiliate marketers need to be more than just a marketing guru- you need to know something and specialize in your knowledge, and then be willing to share that knowledge and expertise while partnering up with products you believe in in ways that are unobtrusive and honest. This takes a lot of time and dedication, but if you’re really into what you’re doing and believe in the products you’re marketing for, it will pay off eventually.

The truth is, new affiliate marketers rarely make a great income at first. Some get very lucky, but most earn their way with steady, unfailing work and progress. What you need to start out with is a great web host that grows with you as you steadily progress. AltusHost offers some of the best products and services available and would be a great web host to begin with. The very best thing you can do as a beginner affiliate marketer is start right. Start with a web host that’s been tested and is trusted.

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