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How to Take a Screenshot (Mac and PC)

How to Take a Screenshot (Mac and PC)
December 14
08:00 2012

A screenshot can be helpful when creating documents that aim to help people learn a new task on a computer, navigate effectively through software, or show proof of work as an image file. There are many other creative applications that taking a screenshot can help illustrate, so knowing how to take a screenshot is essential for almost any job. It’s an easy, clean, and effective tool you just might need.

Let’s say you’re creating an ebook on how you achieved financial success through AdSense advertisements on your blog. You want to give your readers real, honest examples of your income stream from any format (a Paypal statement, bank statement, excel spreadsheet) that’s directly inserted among your great content. This creates a great feel and flow to your ebook, and rewards your readers with real, direct proof of your success. How do you take screenshots and edit your screenshots effectively to create this effect?

Depending on your OS, there are many different ways to take a screenshot and edit it for use later, but each OS has one way that works across all versions of the two OS’s. However, the methods to create screenshots aren’t that similar to each other, so it may pay to become familiar with both. Here are two simple and easy to remember ways to take screenshots on Macs and PC’s.

Let’s say you want to take a screenshot of your Paypal account and edit the screenshot down to just the information your viewers need. For both types of operating systems, you need to have a window with your open Paypal account up. On a PC, simply hit the “PrtSc” button (print screen button). You may not see anything happen at first, but that’s normal. Then go into a program like Paint, and then hold “Ctrl+V”, and you’ll see an image of your Paypal account. You can then crop and edit your photo as you see fit. On Windows 7, you can also use the Snipping tool, found under the Accessories menu. Follow the prompts, and you can crop an image right on your screen live, and save that cropped area as an image file without having to open up another program like Paint. On Macs, there are many ways to take a screenshot, but one easy to remember way that works on all Mac OS systems is this: Hold “command-shift-3”, and your entire screen will automatically be saved on your desktop as a PNG file, which you can edit later on your favorite Mac image editing software.

Learning how to create great screenshots is just part of the big picture for the budding online entrepreneur. Finding a fantastic and affordable web host is a large part of that big picture. Getting everything you need learned and done can be overwhelming at first, so it’s to your advantage to put your trust in our tested and approved web hosts. Check out our Cheap Budget Web Hosting list, as we’ve added fantastic and affordable web hosting that works and excels, perfect for the motivated beginner.

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