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Introduction to VPS

April 28
19:58 2011

VPS is nothing but a hosting package that involves the use of an advanced technology that splits server to offer an online real estate for websites. In a VPS environment, a single server is split into numerous virtual servers. The operation part is pretty similar to that of a cloud hosting set up which involves the use of numerous cloud servers. Today, cloud server is the virtual home for scores of websites out there. Likewise, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is one of the most popular Internet hosting solutions that have won the hearts of millions of web owners.

The good news is that VPS is suitable for small as well as large websites. It offers one great control in addition to cost efficiency. In other words, one is able to enjoy great freedom that one can expect from a dedicated hosting package, but without a high price tag. Most of us are aware of the fact that shared hosting is relatively cheap, which is why most beginners consider shared hosting over other hosting packages. However, the obvious downfalls associated with shared hosting such as inability to deal with traffic spike, server crash etc compels individuals to upgrade to a VPS hosting package.

The good thing about VPS hosting package is that it’s priced close to shared hosting package. So, one doesn’t really have to worry much about price hike with an upgrade. Although the price would be higher than shared hosting, it won’t be as steep as dedicated hosting. In a VPS environment, users are allocated partitions on the main machine. That being said, exclusive servers are made available to users with the aid of virtualization technology. The virtual servers can be put to use independently by consumers with different operating system, servers and root access. Users can reboot their personal virtual server without creating an impact on the main machine or any other virtual server.

Apart from the fact that the machines are virtual; the rest is similar to that of a dedicated hosting server from the customer’s point of view. Now, the question here is when and who should consider VPS hosting package. As such, any web owner can get started with VPS package, assuming that they have entered the web world with the intention to stick around for a long time. One can start with shared hosting as well, in case one has a tight budget. However, if one is caught with certain limitations, which are restricting the growth of one’s websites, one should think about VPS.

The whole idea behind the launch of a website is to drive traffic and to keep the website alive online at all times. VPS does a good job of handling traffic spike as well as website uptime, provided one chooses a reliable VPS provider. After all, it’s considered to be a feasible choice over dedicated hosting, which is not affordable by one and all. Market reports suggest that web owners who switch to VPS often stay on a virtual server for a long time before they switch to any other web hosting package for better service and facilities.

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