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Limestone Networks DDoS Protection

Limestone Networks DDoS Protection
August 12
08:53 2014

As the World Wide Web technology advances, so does the DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacker’s methods of overwhelming websites with junk-traffic. Methods of DDoS attacks have become much easier to conduct, and much more available to the general population. What most website owners are concerned about is how much more the DDoS attacks are bound to increase, and how much of a risk they pose. In February of 2014, the largest DDoS in the history of DDoS attacks was executed on OVH, a website that provides servers, domain names, mutual hosting, and VOIP telephony services across the globe. OVH peaked at 400Gb/s during the attack. Just afterwards, in March, 100,000 WordPress websites enlisted into a botnet that forced them to launch multiple DDoS attacks without their consent.

Limestone Networks, a provider of cloud and dedicated servers, offers a protection service against crippling DDoS attacks using three traffic filters that use heuristic methods. Limestone Networks’ data protection and website security services are offered at a basic level and are free of cost, but the more advanced DDoS protection methods, which offer three layers of protection, are offered to Limestone Network customers for $50.00 for 10Gbps and 6M packets-per-second for one IP address, or $100.00 for 20Gbps and 12M packets-per-second for one IP address.

DDoS Attacks

Recent DDoS attacks have been becoming more powerful, prominent, and harder to detect by most traffic filters. In January, February and March (quarter 1 of 2014), DDoS attacks were 47% more frequent than they were in quarter 1 of 2013. Technological advances make DDoS attacks much easier to conduct. In the modern world, DDoS attacks require fewer resources and minimal skills to initiate, yet they cause more damage than they ever have before. This is occurring because of a DDoS-as-a-service marketplace that offers simplistic DDoS attack tools to anyone, even if they have little experience with DDoS attacks.

Quarter 1 of 2014 had a 68% more frequent attack rate on the infrastructure of websites, which is different from trends of attacks in previous years. In the past, most DDoS attacks were application layer attacks. This trend proves the DDoS attack resources have become much easier to navigate and use within the short duration of one year.

With the growing attack trends, DDoS mitigation and website security has become a necessity, but most internet businesses aren’t aware of the growing threat. Statistics say that approximately 80% of internet businesses are not fully prepared for DDoS attacks.

Limestone Networks DDoS Attack Prevention

Limestone Networks provide data protection and internet security that’s effective at providing DDoS mitigation and preventing DDoS attacks. A simple filter for traffic flow can no longer filter out DDoS attackers like it did in the past, and more intensive methods must be used. Limestone Networks uses a heuristic based approach to prevent DDoS attacks. A heuristic approach is an approach that uses general knowledge that can be used to prevent or eliminate even the most complex problems.

With Limestone Networks, one can upgrade servers up to 32GB of RAM for an extra $35.00, have dedicated, hardworking account specialists, have exceptional power redundancy, and have many features and bonuses with a reseller program.

Free Basic Protection with Limestone Networks

Free basic protection is designed for those with smaller websites who are only concerned about small attacks. Free basic protection is a service that covers the basics of website security and is provided for all clients of Limestone Networks. Free basic protection can also prevent larger attacks by disabling the IPs being attacked while allowing the IPs on one’s server to continue operating.

Enterprise DDoS Protection with Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks also offers Enterprise DDoS protection, which is a much more extensive and effective alternative to free basic protection, and will successfully protect against the more serious DDoS attacks. Enterprise DDoS protection offers three layers of security to detect and prevent DDoS attacks, and it’s available to any Limestone Network client. Unlike the free basic protection plan, the enterprise DDoS protection plan costs $50.00 for 10Gbps and 6M packets-per-second for one IP address, or $100.00 for 20Gbps and 12M packets-per-second for one IP address.

The Enterprise DDoS protection service is a three level traffic filter. The first level is called broad detection, and it can filter out easy-to-find DDoS attackers. The attack traffic that manages to pass broad detection reaches the second level, which is called common attack detection. The common attack detection level uses advanced methods to filter the DDoS attackers who are using more intricate methods. The third level is called heuristic filtering, and if any DDoS attack is powerful enough to reach the third level, the filter uses heuristic approaches to catch the DDoS attack and eliminate its threat. After all website traffic passes through these three filters, only good traffic appears on one’s server.

Limestone Networks offers free protection against lesser DDoS attacks and heuristic protection against the most advanced DDoS attacks, and will create a larger sense of website security. With the rapid increases of DDoS attacks, Limestone Networks offers an easy, affordable and powerful solution that could save businesses and keep website visitors happy .

  Enterprise DDoS Protection

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