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Managed Hosting Services versus Do-it-Yourself

Managed Hosting Services versus Do-it-Yourself
September 17
11:17 2014

Using a Managed Hosting provider versus using a vendor that just supplies the infrastructure while managing everything yourself, is an ongoing internal debate for many businesses. What is clear though, is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in either case. Thus, the debate moves forward to the topic that hits at the heart of every business owner – money. While it is agreed that each business situation requires a customized evaluation and analysis before making a final decision, we present three critical considerations of that process that will help an IT manager or business owner move forward with the right decision.

Total Cost of Ownership

Perhaps the most important cost to the business is what is called the total cost of ownership. This is not simply a dollar figure, but one that includes the cost of personnel and expertise to manage the self-hosted service. There are also other layers that affect this ownership cost, such as the type of solution architecture that is being implemented and how data intensive the applications will be.

Managed hosting services as a whole may appear to cost more on the surface. However, when you factor in salary, health benefits, overtime, and having to hire multiple employees to cover a 24 hour day – a Managed Host service ends up being CONSIDERABLY cheaper.

Further, you get what you pay for with employees, and often times managing them can be a nuisance. Selecting a reputable Managed Hosting company will ensure that you are getting certified, qualified, and 24x7x365 support for a substantial cost savings.

Another factor is the size of your business.  The smaller the business, the lower your budget – making Managed Hosting the perfect solution.


Another benefit of Managed Hosting is security. In today’s Internet Wild West, you need to be secure. Security costs your business money. Many small to medium sized businesses are truly lacking in the area of security.

Enterprise level security is often out of the question for small to medium sized businesses. However, select Managed Hosting companies offer enterprise quality security features built-in or for a fee. Managed Hosting service companies can devote a select group of personnel resources to continually update and upgrade their security. When considering the recent hack successes that have compromised companies such as Target and Home Depot, one isolated incident can bring corporate profits substantially down.

To repeat an earlier point, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For most companies, the security of the system’s data is unquestionably vital to its life-blood.
There are few scenarios that would favorably argue for a self-hosted service based solely on the issue of security, even in the world absent of one-size-fits-all solutions. Also to be considered are the types of companies where security is almost beyond a critical issue, such as a financial services company.

Hardware Expenditure – The Deal Breaker for Do-It-Yourself

The deal breaker for most business owners comes at hardware expenditure.

Doing an in-house infrastructure build is EXPENSIVE. Sure, you can skimp on the bells and whistles, but IT hardware and Data Center construction is expensive. Power is expensive. Staffing the facility with security guards, camera’s, and being compliant with various certifications is also VERY expensive.

Why spend all this money when you can get Managed Hosting at a fraction of the cost that does it BETTER than you can do it?

Gone are the days of dial-up Internet and slow connection speeds. Many IT managers and business owners can easily manage entire ‘Virtual’ Data Centers halfway around the globe with relative ease.

When you factor in all of these expenses, both up front and recurring, it just doesn’t make fiscal sense to manage your own servers internally.

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