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Peak Internet is Proud to Announce fiberMAX, A New High Speed Internet Service

January 17
17:13 2014

Web HostingWoodland Park, CO – Peak Internet, a leading Internet Service Provider in Woodland Park, Colorado, is proud to announce the availability of its newest service fiberMAX. Peak Internet’s fiberMAX is a revolutionary new internet connection delivered to homes and businesses via dedicated fiber optic cables. This connection enables internet speeds up to 1Gbps, crystalclear telephone service, and other products such as high definition television.

Peak Internet is branded “The Fastest Internet Provider in Town” thanks to the success of its flagship product airMAX. airMAX is a technology that was developed by Peak Internet over the past decade, which allows connection speeds up to 100Mbps to homes and businesses via microwave radio waves. “Our airMAX product has, and continues to be, an important staple to our business,” states Tom Love, CTO of Peak Internet. “But we see the future. With things like Internet TV becoming more prevalent, we can see the need for faster connections to the home; fiberMAX achieves that.”

Traditionally, fiber optic connections are reserved for large businesses, with deep pockets, only. fiberMAX delivers the speed and reliability of fiber optics without the high cost. Peak Internet built their own fiber optic infrastructure, and therefore is able to offer these services at much lower rates. In some cases, fiberMAX is actually cheaper than traditional cable or DSL services.

fiberMAX is currently available in Woodland Park, Colorado. Peak Internet plans to continue to expand service this summer, focusing first on areas where there is a high concentration of airMAX customers. “When planning our fiberMAX builds, we first and foremost look to see where we have the most airMAX subscribers, and build to those areas. It allows us to offer upgraded service to our existing loyal customers,” claims Jayson Baker, CEO of Peak Internet. “We are committed to customer satisfaction–people love to upgrade their existing connection to something even faster.”

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About Peak Internet
Peak Internet is the Fastest Internet Provider in Town. Founded in 2002 to provide broadband service to underserved communities, the company has expanded to provide service throughout the greater Southern Colorado region. Additional services like telephone service, high definition television, metro Ethernet and other enterprise products are also offered. For more information contact (719) 6860250 or visit

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