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Server Management: A Task For The Pros

Server Management: A Task For The Pros
August 28
08:28 2014

When you’re running a business, everything you do is all about your bottom line. There’s pressure to come in at or under budget on projects, and that often leads to cutting a few corners here and there. Many companies choose to do more things in-house rather than hiring them out, including doing their own server management. After all hiring a hosting company to manage your company’s servers can be a big and ongoing expense. Making server management a DIY project seems to save money, at least on paper. Unfortunately, this scenario is a common one, and it rarely ends well for businesses. Server management is ultimately a job best left to the professionals.

First of all, server management is a true specialty. A lot of technical knowledge and understanding is necessary to set up a server. Then, the hardware needs to be kept in good working order, the latest software needs to be on it at all times so that all features are always available, and then someone on staff needs to maintain it. It’s anything but a one shot deal. And, when things go wrong, it usually can’t be fixed without the help of a hired professional, which means paying someone to come in and fix the problem. This often costs more than several month’s worth of paying a professional hosting company to manage your server for you. If you need to do this several times a year, you’re not really saving any money. In fact, it’s costing you more.

Next, when you hire a professional provider you get experts who know how to fix server issues completely and efficiently. If your server goes down, that translates into lost customers and lost money for you and your company. But if your server is professionally managed by a company like GlowHost, you are able to get back up and running quickly. GlowHost offers fast and friendly hosting support to all of their clients, which means there’s minimal downtime while you wait for assistance, not days of downtime while you wait for an appointment. When you manage your own server, it’s nearly impossible to get service as responsive as that.

Additionally, managing a server can be a headache for anyone who is not specially trained in how to use and troubleshoot this type of hardware and software. It’s a tough job that can lead to stress, frustration, and inefficiency at work — and that’s when things are running smoothly. When your server goes down, it affects the morale of your entire work environment. Plus, it’s a horrible feeling for the responsible team member if he or she can’t fix the problem personally. Hiring a company like GlowHost to manage your server means this scenario never comes up at your place of business.

GlowHost offers a wide array of server management products on tiered pricing structures to meet the needs of any business at any level. Their fully managed dedicated server hosting packages start at $129 per month, as do their dedicated hosting and managed servers. GlowHost also has managed PCI compliant dedicated server hosting, which starts at $49 per month per machine. These prices include large amounts of space and bandwidth (with exact amounts depending on the specific price point), plus the high quality customer service that you’d expect from a trusted and established provider like GlowHost. All dedicated servers are built to order, and GlowHost takes care of data back-up and security measures to keep your information safe. They’ll even migrate your data to your new server for you.

If you’re considering doing your company’s own server management as a way to save money, really take the time to think through this decision. It may seem like a smart cost cutting move in theory, but in practice, it’s anything but. The reality is that trying to manage your own server can cost you more in the long run. GlowHost can take care of all of your company’s server management needs. They’re true professionals in the field, and will handle any issues that crop up quickly to keep your business up and running. Plus, their monthly charges for server management are competitive and are a sound investment for any business professional who knows that time truly is money.

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Summary: Founded in 2002, GlowHost is an award-winning host that aims to provide highly reliable web hosting services at a highly competitive price, and has grown to become one of the world’s foremost web hosts for individuals and businesses alike. GlowHost currently supplies tens of thousands of customers worldwide with shared web hosting, cloud virtual dedicated server hosting, dedicated server hosting, and cloud hosting solutions, all available on a network designed for stability and the security of mission-critical data. GlowHost also offers a popular reseller web hosting solution. Across each of these distinct service types, GlowHost is committed to customer satisfaction, offering three Iron-Clad guarantees – a 91-day money back promise, 100% network uptime agreement, and up to 99.999% uptime hosting depending on your chosen solution.

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