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ServerGenie Launches 50% Revenue Share Program for Partners

ServerGenie Launches 50% Revenue Share Program for Partners
March 05
16:57 2013

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – ServerGenie, a cloud hosting provider, today announced the launch of a new 50% revenue sharing program for affiliates.  The program is based on the extremely popular recurring revenue model which doesn’t set a limit on payouts and pays affiliates every time their referrals renew an account.

Commissions start at $120 per referral based on the company’s lowest priced plan sold yearly.  Affiliates have an opportunity to earn a substantial amount of revenue if they work hard and promote their business.  ServerGenie’s chief executive officer said, “We adopted the recurring revenue model because small businesses that have a solid foundation of recurring revenue are typically more successful than other businesses.”

One of the biggest benefits of the company’s 50% revenue sharing program is that it empowers small businesses with accurate data that can be used for cash flow predictions on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.  ServerGenie has one of the lowest churn rates in the industry which is plus for new affiliates and those starting an online business.

ServerGenie lets me scale my websites as my traffic needs change frequently. When I needed to scale up to handle a large influx of traffic from a big affiliate, I was prepared and ready to go. There’s even a cool little scroll bar where I can choose the resources I need on the fly. – Rick Kaselj, Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer at

ServerGenie provides expert support, tools and professional graphics to help affiliates grow their business.  The cutting-edge graphics are designed for maximum conversions and the company maintains a team of writers who write custom email marketing promotions.
Affiliates can also request a custom landing page which is usually delivered in less than forty-eight hours.  ServerGenie’s CEO said, “We provide as much or as little support as our affiliates need.  We’re very well-known to answer emails quickly and we’re always open to new ideas.”
ServerGenie’s affiliate program is also a good monetization option for website owners and bloggers who want to generate an income from their traffic.  Affiliates who sign up at least nine referrals a month will earn more than eight-thousand dollars a year which is a substantial amount of income for anyone.  About
Headquartered in Oklahoma City, ServerGenie operates a global cloud infrastructure platform built for Internet scale. ServerGenie has partnered with SoftLayer Technologies to provide all data center management. SoftLayer’s network spans 13 data centers in the United States, Asia and Europe and a global footprint of network points of presence. ServerGenie’s modular architecture provides unparalleled performance and control, and sophisticated automation controlling a flexible platform that seamlessly spans physical and virtual devices, and a global network for secure, low-latency communications. For more information, please visit or call 1.800.560.3450.

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