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Should you do a Guest Blog on Complimentary Sites?

Should you do a Guest Blog on Complimentary Sites?
September 13
16:54 2013

If you’re new to website origination or blogging, you may have never thought about guest blogging. Guest blogging is exactly like what it sounds like- you blog for another website on a topic that you’re well versed in and probably have a blog or website up and running about already. Lots of experts take part in guest blogging. There are lots of reasons for this; each reason is as good for your business and your visibility as the last. Here’s why you should do guest blogs on complimentary websites any time you get a chance.

  • Increase your popularity! The more often you’re asked to offer your valuable word on other websites, it boosts your credibility among the community surrounding your area of expertise. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s frequently overlooked by many as a method for getting voices out there. For some who consider themselves too busy to offer a moment of writing time on other complimentary websites, they’re doing themselves a major disservice. Guest blogging shows that you are a major player in your niche, which will make you popular. It also makes you look like a giving, thoughtful individual who is will to offer their time for the sake of the topic, but you can reward yourself in your guest posts by linking back to your own website and increase sales on your own content.

  • Backlinks can be very good for your page rank! Within guest blog posts, don’t forget to link back to your website, as long as it’s okay with the webmaster you’re posting for. Usually, webmasters wouldn’t offer their valuable blog space to you if they didn’t expect you to want to link your work back to yourself- in fact, many times the offer includes a reciprocal link between the two website entities, boosting traffic for both. Your content published on their website helps gain the traffic for the website, and your link moves traffic along. It works for everyone. Google looks at this kind of sharing as a good thing, as long as it benefits your readers in every way.

  • Guest blogging improves your communication and writing skills! Being visible online requires a pretty good working knowledge of grammar and language, as well as a very specific set of communicative skills that are needed for successful online marketing and business ownership. Any time you’re given an opportunity to work on these skills, take it.

  • Build your standing among other experts in your niche to get a good idea of what your competition is like! This might seem a little back handed, but business is competitive. The old saying “Keep your enemies close.” holds true for business. Get to know your competition- it’s good for you, and as they get to know you, it’s good for them. You may not be interested in sinking their operation, but you should be able to recognize and harmonize in areas within the same topic so that you both benefit. You’ll never be able to get those kinds of specific opportunities among your competitors if you don’t get to know them.

Guest blogging is a must-do if you are offered the opportunity. You can always ask to offer your words of wisdom as well. Never turn down an opportunity to guest blog on a complimentary site! It’s a very, very good thing for you and your business.

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