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Singhost: New Cloud Hosting Launched with Excellent Customer Service

November 28
15:38 2012

Web Hosting – Singapore, Singapore – Singhost has recently raised a $1.1 million investment bid for its web hosting business, specifically for developing its Cloud Hosting Division. Cloud hosting is a much more resilient form of web hosting as compared to dedicated and shared hosting. Let’s take a look why this is the case.

The latest research has shown that a cloud hosting is the best option for individuals looking for superior performance and reliability.

There are typically many types of hosting services that can be purchased from a web hosting company, but the popular types include Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server hosting, and now, cloud hosting.

Shared Hosting provides users with a server which has bandwidth and space resources shared on a first-come, first-served basis. At any single point in time, a website that requires more bandwidth as compared to another website will be taking a larger chunk of the overall resources available, leaving less for the other accounts on the same server.

Comparatively, dedicated hosting provides users with the full resources of a single server. There is no first-come, first-served policy. At any single point in time, a client can have access any percentage of the bandwidth or space of the server that he or she has rented. However, in terms of pricing, Dedicated Server Hosting is considerably more expensive as compared to Shared Hosting.

Cloud hosting is the optimal upgrade above shared and dedicated hosting. A cloud hosting plan also divides the full resources of a single server into equal parts, but each client is then provided with specific bandwidth and storage resources. Theoretically, a single server is still being shared between a number of users. However, since the resource allotment is fixed, there is no probability of a situation occurring where a website may not be able to derive as much resources as it requires, due to unavailability of resources.

That is why, at Singhost, users can get access to some of the best featured and competitively priced cloud hosting packages on the web. What makes the choice of Singhost more attractive as compared to other similar web hosting companies, is the fact that if you’re shifting from one web hosting provider to another, you may be afraid of suffering from extensive downtime while all of the data is transferred. Although such a situation can occur, at Singhost, an excellent technical team is present to guide you every step of the way. Their team understands, and can identify all of the steps that a website owner needs to take, in order to avoid literally any downtime at all.

Singhost believes in providing the best customer service to all of their clients. Here’s what Maggie Lee had to say about them. “I’d like to thank Singhost for a long partnership with outstanding customer service every time I needed help – this is why I continue to recommend you guys and don’t use anyone else for any of my websites or domain names. Keep up the excellent work! ì

If you are looking for cloud hosting and are aware of the fact that you are going to need constant technical expertise 24x7x365, Singhost is definitely your best option in Singapore.

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