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Solid Reasons why VPS is better than Shared Hosting

May 02
19:55 2011

Do you get frustrated when your websites load slowly? Chances are that your web host provider might have resorted to some maintenance work at the least expected time, resulting into loss of traffic and revenue for you. The point here is shared hosting comes with its share of pros and cons. Since the server is shared by numerous users, one can enjoy low cost hosting, but one can’t keep the above mentioned issues at bay, which may occasionally trouble a web owner. The issue worsens when a website is blacklisted and the whole server is refrained from sending mails until the matter is fixed.

The dependency factor associated with shared hosting is one of its prime drawbacks, which is not the case with cloud hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting. In case of cloud servers, multiple servers are made available for users, so if one cloud server crashes down, users can switch to another server to ensure that their website doesn’t experience downtime. Likewise, if you are deeply troubled with any of the above mentioned issues associated with shared hosting, you should give a serious thought to VPS hosting.

In a shared hosting environment, hundreds of users share a single server. Chances are that some customers might have added hundreds of sub-domains. With increased use of resources, all users experience server issues such as slow speed, server crash, downtime etc. On a VPS set up; you will not be sharing your server with other users. You will have an isolated server, which means that you will be able to keep yourself immune from the above said issues to a great extent. In a VPS hosting environment, you will be allocated a fixed amount of resources such as server space, memory, disk space etc, which can be effectively utilized by your websites.

Customer reviews and testimonials found on the Internet suggest that most users were able to experience significant improvement in their website performance after moving on to VPS from a shared hosting set up. The best part is that one can host unlimited websites under VPS hosting package without running into problems. One is also able to enjoy complete control over server maintenance period. One can schedule server maintenance as per one’s convenience, which is not the case with shared hosting. In other words, you don’t have to stay at the mercy of your web host provider in a VPS hosting set up.

VPS hosting also enables one to run additional programs. In a shared hosting environment, this cannot be achieved because running additional programs may affect other users who are sharing the same server. Not to forget the fact that you will be allocated a dedicated IP address in VPS hosting. This will ensure that you are not penalized when someone’s website is blacklisted for any reason. Overall, shared hosting is a preferred choice for tiny websites. However, those who can afford an upgrade should consider VPS hosting for security reasons and optimum website performance.

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