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The Perfect Cocktail of Cloud Computing and Backup

The Perfect Cocktail of Cloud Computing and Backup
November 07
15:00 2013

Many think that hosting their server in the cloud makes it safe from data
loss. While it is true that most cloud platforms today are built to be
redundant, this does not make them bulletproof.

The unfortunate reality is that no website or server is completely safe from
being hacked. Server hardening, keeping software patched, and installing
a firewall are all great measure, but still not 100%

Hacking isn’t the full picture either…

Mistakes from your own employees can also cause data loss. Accidentally
deleting files, blog posts, or images all can occur.

Consider the following:

  • OS upgrades can cause incompatibility issues resulting indowntime
  • Employees could accidentally delete data of important server side files which could result in downtime
  • Databases can become corrupted

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if your cloud provider platform is
redundant. Any of the above items will result in downtime and / or data
loss. However, your cloud server may keep running just fine.

Luckily, I get to see a lot of backup solutions and hosting companies here
at I think I might have the perfect cocktail of cloud
computing and backup for your business.

But first, let’s learn about the first ingredient in our cocktail…

Meet the BEST Backup Software for the Cloud

Continuous Data Protection by Idera. Idera works on both Windows and
Linux platforms, and can be used to also backup MySQL, and SQL

Idera works perfectly on both physical and virtual servers using the

  • Windows
  • RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SuSe and most other linux kernels
  • VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Virtuozzo, and KVM
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and MySQL

Idera is perfect for backing up your server because it runs fast and
efficiently. This means less I/O usage (which results in slow performance)
and less wear and tear on physical drives (if you use it on a physical

In addition, Idera allows you to:

  • Restore single files
  • Restore from a full bare metal backup
  • Control and manage your backups with an easy to use interface

So what is the second ingredient in our perfect cocktail for cloud computing
and backup?

In addition to Idera backup solutions, also provides public,
hybrid, or private cloud compute options for your business. offers plenty of backup and cloud options for developing an
disaster recovery plan.

Disaster recovery is a serious issue that requires serious planning and a
hosting partner that has the assets for you to leverage. Luckily,
offers the following for your disaster recovery needs:

  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Off-site hourly backups
  • Windows, Linux, MySQL, Microsoft SQL compatibility
  • Virtually unlimited backup storage
  • Ability to encrypt backup data

In fact, is offering FindMyHost readers a free month on any
cloud server (up to $100). All you need is a credit card to validate the
account and you can give Idera and cloud a test drive.

Click Here for your Free Cloud Server and Idera Backup Software

Christian “Backing Up The Cloud” Henning

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