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ToggleBox’s Content Delivery Network Distributed Over 55 Servers

ToggleBox’s Content Delivery Network Distributed Over 55 Servers
April 11
16:12 2013

Hatfield, PA –, a content delivery network provider, today announced the company’s network is distributed over 55 servers located throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, India, and Australia.  North American plans start at only $0.049 per gigabyte which is one of the lowest price points in the industry.

The company’s content delivery network (CDN) can be easily integrated with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, or it can pull the content from a website automatically.  A representative for ToggleBox said, “With our CDN a system administrator can be up and running in less than ten minutes.”  The company’s pricing schedule is as follows:

  • North America – $0.049 per gigabyte

  • Europe – $0.049 per gigabyte

  • India – $0.18 per gigabyte

  • Asia Pacific – $0.18 per gigabyte

  • Australia – $0.18 per gigabyte

One of the biggest advantages of ToggleBox’s content delivery network is that it increases a website’s server load speed significantly.  All the static content is delivered to the end user via the CDN so web servers handle fewer requests.  In addition, the faster website load times help increase a site’s search engine rankings as Google now factors load speed in its ranking algorithm.

“Enabling your content to reach the masses, wherever they are, is simply the cost of doing business in today’s global, digital economy. And I don’t know of anybody that does it better than ToggleBox.  I highly recommend they’re superior network to anyone that wants to enhance their site visitor’s experience.  Especially those that offer downloadable content.” – Raymond Langer

Savvy Internet marketing professionals have come to rely on content delivery networks to ensure that their content performs well on both handheld devices and desktop computers.  Easy web content management is the wave of future, and as more and more webmasters and administrators begin using CDNs, prices are going to continue to go down.

ToggleBox offers pay-as-you-go billing to make it easy for its client base.  Customers are only required to make a $20 initial deposit after which they pay per every GB for data transferred via the content delivery network.

About ToggleBox
ToggleBox is a brand of TekTonic, which has been offering cloud hosting before the market became popular. ToggleBox was brought about by the desire to offer new technologies without introducing radical change to our current customers. For more information about ToggleBox, please visit

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