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Understanding the Importance of Managed Services for AWS

Understanding the Importance of Managed Services for AWS
November 21
08:00 2014

In 2006, Amazon began offering Amazon Web Services in the form of IT infrastructure services, which are now commonly referred to as cloud computing. There are multitudinous benefits to cloud computing, but one of the most prevalent benefits is the ability for businesses to replace traditional upfront-capital expenses associated with building a solid IT infrastructure with low-cost services that can be scaled to the size of the business in question.

With cloud computing, IT managers and directors are no longer placed in the position of having to project growth and expansion in order to ensure that the infrastructure will be able to accommodate the growth. The Web-based services offered through AWS can be customized on the fly.

The Need for Managed Services

Third party managed hosting and cloud management is essential to the operational fluidity of any business that relies on their digital information system to conduct business on any level. That basically equates to almost every business currently in existence. Although the global economy has produced fertile soil for small and midsized businesses to grow and thrive, it has also created a highly competitive market, meaning that businesses have to seize every opportunity to remain competitive. The use of managed services for AWS will provide the business owner with an increased level of confidence that they will be able to depend on the cloud services they have through AWS, enhancing their ability to compete.

Even with all of the wonderful benefits that come with cloud computing it is almost a requisite for a business to use a managed service provider in order to ensure that all cloud services are being optimized while cost is being minimized. The use of managed services ensures that every aspect of the cloud services offered through AWS will be used in a manner that is efficient and effective. Cloud management requires an exceptional amount of experience in the area of cloud computing, but it also requires the ability to understand the specific needs and expectations of a company. This is why choosing the right managed services provider is just as important as understanding that one is needed.

Managed Services by INetU

INetU has developed a reputation for providing effective, high-quality cloud management services for AWS and their own data centers that ensure that business owners can have complete confidence in their IT infrastructure to handle the challenges that are associated with the specific needs of the business. INetU uses a highly customer centric approach in presenting its services. This is important because each customer presents their own set of unique challenges, meaning that a cookie cutter approach will not be highly effective in reaching the desired results. Some of the benefits associated with the managed services offered by INetU are:

  • Consultative Design
  • Worry-Free Onboarding
  • Single point of contact
  • Continuous business planning to support change and growth

It is these services and more that set INetU apart from their competitors.

An Ever Broaden Array AWS Services

There is broadening number of AWS offerings presented for companies to use as computing solutions. This means that there must be an expanded capacity to take advantage of these services. Even with a seasoned IT manager, it can be a challenge to manage the everyday affairs at the office and stay ahead of the learning curve with all of the new offerings. Using a managed service provider will ensure that the services are being managed by a competent staff 24 hours per day.

Working with all of these new cloud services can be intimidating and confusing for business owners, even if they have a background in computing. Using a managed service provider will help ease the anxiety that can be associated with the complex nature of cloud computing. The provider will also be able to assist the owner in making sure that they are only using the services that they need.

A Single Point of Contact

Having a managed service provider creates a situation in which there is only one point of contact for resolving computing issues. That helps in a number of ways. First, it provides a level of familiarity that breeds trust. It also means that communication will be much easier, because the owner or their employees will be dealing with someone who is familiar, not only with their system and services, but with their expectations and basic operational philosophies. When a cloud computing specialist can understand how a business specifically benefits from its cloud computing services, based on their particular needs, it ensures that things will run smoother.

Cost Management is Immensely Important

As mentioned earlier, cloud computing services, offered through AWS, help to reduce upfront costs dramatically; however, without proper management, costs can get out of control as the business grows and new services are added. The use of managed services, including managed hosting, will ensure that the cloud computing model that a business is using will be optimized. What this means is that the business will be functioning at the highest level of productivity while maintaining the highest possible level of cost efficiency.

Because a managed service provider will be extremely familiar with all of the services offered and the specific needs of the company, they will be able to help the owner tailor their usage in order to achieve premium results.

The Benefit of Proactive Engagement 

Cloud computing, like traditional on site computing, requires a proactive approach. When a business handles their computing needs in a reactionary manner, it normally results in down time and poor functionality. Subsequently, the business is incapable of functioning at its most optimal level. Proactive engagement means that everyone involved will be managing issues to minimize disruption and system failure. Working with a specialist will make the process so much easier. The proactive support that is provided through managed services will keep the system well-oiled and operating smoothly.

Maximizing the Agility and Elasticity of AWS

One of the most common issues that business owners face as they implement cloud computing, as their primary IT infrastructure, is they don’t have the expertise to totally exploit all of the advantages associated with the agility and elasticity of the cloud computing model. It is sort of like buying a new high-performance sports car without knowing how to operate a standard transmission. Although the experience will be different from the usual experience, it will definitely not be the maximum experience that was intended when the vehicle was designed. Much in the same way, having access to cloud computing services does not automatically imply that a business owner will benefit from them as intended. Working with a managed service provider will ensure that the business owner gets everything out of each service that it has to offer. Managed services ensure that everything from cloud hosting to formatting and platforms are set up exactly the way the business needs to be set up to get the most out of the service.


The benefits of managed services for AWS are too numerous to present a comprehensive list here; however, it is clear to see that so much can be lost when managed services are not used. To gain a more lucid understanding of the benefits of using a managed service provider, business owners and IT managers should read this detailed white paper. This solution brief will help business owners understand how a company like INetU can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their AWS services.

=> Click Here to Download the INetU Whitepaper on Managed Services for AWS

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