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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

September 06
17:11 2013

Web Hosting – One method of making cash online is through affiliate marketing, as we’ve discussed before. But, one very specific method of making cash online through affiliate marketing is through “pay per click” advertising, and is a very popular method of gathering revenue through a website. Pay per click campaigns offer a passive, ongoing income, which for a lot of websites offers a good approach while not degrading the content and authority of a website itself. So, what is pay per click advertising exactly? How does it work?

Pay per click advertising is basically like it sounds. You get paid for every click on a sponsored link on your website. Google Adsense is an example of pay per click advertising. Specifically for Google Adsense, you get paid per click on the links they provide because the client behind that link pays Google any time someone clicks on their links through Google, and Google shares a portion of that payment with someone using AdSense on their own website. It’s a form of affiliate marketing, and for some, it works well. The downside to a pay per click only campaign with Google Adsense is, you never get to pick what ads you have on your website, as Google assigns them based on what ads they think pertain to your content the best. Google Adsense also has a varying amount they pay per click, mostly based on how much they’re making from the original client paying them to advertise for them.

Another example of pay per click advertising is through websites like Amazon or Ebay. You can display product ads, and any time someone visits your website, clicks on an ad that you’ve displayed, and buys that product, you get a portion of that sale.

Many other large companies offer affiliate programs based on a pay per click method- many of which not only offer their own advertisements that you can display on your website, but also links that you can embed in text that when clicked on pay you, or other methods of paying per click.

Most often pay per click campaigns don’t pay a lot per click- usually just cents per click. But over time, and with enough traffic, each one of those clicks adds up quickly. This is why a pay per click advertising campaign like Google Adsense works for so many web masters, because they create websites that receive a lot of traffic- and the math is there. Based on how much traffic your website gets, if you have an ad campaign active like pay per click Google Adsense, you’re going to make a certain amount of money.

Pay per click advertising also works if you have built up a website, and you leave it to work for itself. You don’t have to actively work on pay per click campaigns. They require set up and maintenance, but once you put all of the initial work into it, you’re pretty much coasting from there. It’s a good method of investment that builds over time, and it works!

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