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What is the Best Payment Gateway for your Online Business?

What is the Best Payment Gateway for your Online Business?
January 14
15:42 2013

Shopping online has become the reality of today. It’s so easy to find just about anything online. The prices are good, the convenience is amazing, and today the security is better than ever. Trends are favoring online shopping, and it’s becoming more and more popular as time goes on. A lot of what makes an online shopping experience great for the consumer is the checkout and payment process. For the shopper, the process not only needs to be absolutely secure and safe for them to use, but the process also needs to be simple, streamlined, and easy to understand. Credit and debit cards are the primary mode of payment when shopping online, so security is a major need. A great payment gateway offers all of these aspects for your shopper, but will also lay back on the usage fees for the seller. You do pay for what you get, even when it comes to payment gateways. So who offers the best payment gateway services for your online business, as well as your customers?

There are a lot of companies to choose from for payment gateways. The most recognizable and probably the most popular is Paypal. Primarily designed to be linked with the super ecommerce website Ebay, it pioneered the world of payment gateways as one of the first most user friendly, and simple secure payment gateways. You can now use Paypal almost anywhere, at any online store- and it’s easy to set up for anyone’s online business. Most people today have a Paypal account and if you’re a frequent online shopper, you probably use it often. Paypal ties into spending bank accounts and keeps the shopper’s credit/debit card on file for ease of use. For the seller, Paypal does charge fees for their services, usually based on a per transaction arrangement and handles disputes between sellers and buyers. The problem with Paypal and why we’re not claiming them as the best payment gateway for your online business is, their terms of use policies tend to favor shoppers and merchants seem to have a lot of trouble when purchases online go bad with buyers scamming online merchants. We haven’t verified this, but among popular online merchants, this seems to be the general consensus.

Fortunately, there are a lot of other options to choose from when it comes to payment gateways. There is one online payment gateway that stands out- Intuit Merchant Services. Out of many other payment gateways we looked at, Intuit seems to have hit the nail on the head for security, ease of use, and reasonable usage fees. They also handle disputes in the same way the credit card companies handle disputes, and they protect sellers and buyers evenly. Their services can also be tied directly into your business’s account books, which is a great plus when you’re an online business and accept most or all of your payments via credit cards or debit cards.

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