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What Makes Cloud Hosting Better Than Dedicated Hosting?

What Makes Cloud Hosting Better Than Dedicated Hosting?
May 31
21:07 2012

Cloud hosting has created a lot of buzz in the web world. It’s considered by many as the next “big thing” that is going to dominate most of the future web development plans. At the moment, it faces stiff competition from VPS and dedicated hosting. In fact, the online marketplace is flooded with solid arguments over cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. The choice between the two hosting solutions often leaves users in a bewildered state of mind. Needless to say, users have to compare the features and benefits of a hosting package to decide which one best suits their needs and preference. In the present scenario, cloud servers have a clear edge over dedicated servers for more than a couple of reasons, which is why web owners are considering cloud server over any other server. Now, if you are wondering what makes cloud hosting better than dedicated hosting, let me highlight the key factors over here.

One of the biggest advantages that cloud hosting has over dedicated hosting is that it allows one to scale up quite easily. Have you ever tried to scale up beyond a single server on a dedicated hosting package? Needless to say, it’s a daunting task to scale up on a dedicated hosting set up. However, scaling up is a cakewalk with cloud hosting environment. In other words, you will be able to manage all your applications painlessly in a cloud hosting set up. You don’t have to worry about server crash due to a flood of traffic hitting your website. Most dedicated hosting set up fail to keep up with sudden spike in traffic. On the other hand, the scalability feature associated with cloud hosting ensures that such situations do not make way for unwanted troubles. Users who have switched to cloud hosting from dedicated hosting claim that they experienced better website uptime and speed after the switch.

Simplicity is another aspect where cloud hosting has an edge over dedicated hosting. It’s a proven fact that cloud servers are relatively easier to manage as opposed to dedicated servers. In terms of reliability, cloud hosting enjoys a great fan following. You will never encounter hardware or server failure. The best part is that cloud hosting arrives with a flexible package deal. One can adjust their hosting plans as per their changing needs. In a cloud hosting environment, users are allowed to rent a virtual server that can be scaled anytime as per one’s will and wish. In other words, one can easily adjust their hosting package based on traffic fluctuation. Since cloud hosting follows usage based billing, users will have to shave off extra money only on particular days when they receive more traffic to their websites, which is not the case with dedicated hosting. More than often, users end up over paying because of the fixed rate at which dedicated hosting plans are available in the online marketplace. Considering all these benefits, one can state that cloud hosting stacks up well against other hosting packages including dedicated hosting.

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