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When does colocation make sense for your business?

August 11
01:26 2010

In today’s economy running your own internal data center is an expensive undertaking. Hosting web servers, application servers, and collaboration servers within your own office building is a reality for most small businesses. IT managers prefer close proximity to equipment so they can manage any hardware failures or software issues quickly. If your company does not have an IT manager, you most likely have an outsourced IT department. A “Nerd Herd” type solution who you call when things go wrong or you need something configured or set up.

I often wonder at the amount of money that goes into this old school way of handling small business infrastructure. Power, human resources, payroll taxes, equipment, generators, routers, switches, software licensing costs, and the list goes on and on.

Many companies fail to realize the implications of hosting their equipment internally. Power costs continue to rise, brown outs are increasingly common, and  power grid is sure to be stretched as people ween themselves off of fossil fuels. If your systems are mission critical then you also need to have backup batteries and diesel generators at the ready.

Hosting your own equipment also brings other unnecessary costs to the table in regards to networking equipment. Routers, switches, and experts who configure this equipment are all added expenses. Factor in hardware firewalls, DDOS protection, high availability and your costs have soared.

Colocation. Colocation completely removes many of he factors listed above from the budget. IT managers can now focus on the hardware and software that runs the business and makes the profit. In fact, faster servers and more back end features can be added to improve efficiency for the company employees due to the cost savings.

Probably the most important aspect of choosing a colocation facility has to do with network capabilities. Many colocation facilities offer top end routers, switches, and experts staffed 24 hours per day monitoring the network.

Cooling, diesel generators, battery backup and many other features are all standard in most colocation facilities. When you compare buying or leasing this equipment on your own to a quality colocation facility reality sets in. Colocation facilities can bring to the table more than you at a lower price.


  • Reduced IT staffing.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs.
  • Improved network capacity.
  • On-site security.
  • Industrial grade cooling.
  • Lower cost per data center sqft.

Choose Your Colocation Facility Wisely

We recommend The Planet for your colocation facility. Multiple locations for colocation are available. Managed support contracts are also available for those who do not wish the expense of hiring their own IT department.

Recommended Colocation provider: The Planet

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