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When should you migrate from a regular hosting solution to cloud hosting solution?

May 03
16:02 2011

Most web owners start with a smaller platform and then hunt for a bigger platform to host their websites. The idea sounds good and it’s followed by truckloads of individuals out there. The key is to migrate at the right time to ensure that one doesn’t lose precious customers. As a beginner, one can begin their online venture with shared hosting package. Most websites enjoy a happy life under a shared hosting environment because majority of the informational websites out there don’t receive much traffic due to lack of promotion.

Those who resort to promotional means to drive traffic may feel the need to switch from a shared hosting package to some other hosting package to ensure that the server doesn’t go down to sudden traffic outbreak. One can choose to upgrade to a VPS package, once the website starts receiving more hits. The other option would be to upgrade to a dedicated hosting package to deal with massive traffic growth. The irony lies in the fact that VPS and dedicated hosting have their share of downfalls.

An ideal solution over here would be to consider cloud hosting solution because cloud hosting ensures optimum website performance without a high price tag. It’s considered to be more effective than VPS hosting and more economical than dedicated hosting. You might feel the need to migrate to a cloud hosting solution, especially when you own a video website. Video websites consumes lots of server resources. Not to forget the fact that a single viral video can invite a flood of traffic to your website, thereby shutting down your server, especially when your website is hosted on a shared platform.

You can also choose to upgrade to a cloud hosting solution when your website gathers a large mailing list. So, if you want to run a mailing campaign that requires you to send hundreds and thousands of messages to individuals present in your mailing list, you can consider cloud hosting package because the regular hosting packages carry certain limitations on the number of mails that can be sent at a given period of time. Cloud hosting users are able to send messages to loads of individuals at any given point of time.

When you think that you need more server control, resorting to cloud server would be an ideal bet as well. Cloud hosting will provide you root access to cloud servers that can be used to upgrade a server or to take down a server. Under a shared hosting environment, the keys of flexibility and scalability would be locked forever. On the other hand, you will have the keys to the kingdom of privileges once you choose a cloud hosting environment for your website. Whenever you feel that your website needs more reliable home and flexibility for a brighter future, you can consider it as the right time to upgrade to a cloud hosting solution. Like others, you won’t repent over your decision to upgrade to a cloud hosting package.

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