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Why You Should Survey Your Customers

Why You Should Survey Your Customers
July 12
16:02 2013

One commonly overlooked aspect of customer relations; especially if you run an online business, is what your customers really think about your business. A lot of people assume that if you’re making sales, if you’re retaining views, or if you’re getting return business by the way of visitors to your website or buying your products, that’s all you need to know regarding the effectiveness of your business. And, while this is a pretty fair assessment, it doesn’t always tell the whole picture of what your business is like for your customer.

Surveying your customers might seem like a scary endeavor at first.  A lot of business owners live and breathe by their business, as for many their business is an extension of themselves, with their entire lives ad people revolving around the creation, running, and success of their business. Hearing critical feedback might seem like a stab to the heart for a lot of business owners, but this is a necessary step towards improvement and adjustment, which will only help business. Some business owners might be aware of the short comings of their business, and hearing the feedback might simply solidify their already made assessments. Some business owners will also appreciate hearing the positive aspects of their business as well, and see this as a boost to their esteem.

Customers will have a lot to say regarding your business. They may get pretty detailed about their experiences with your customer service, products, and website design. They will want to say things about your check out process, what types of payment you accept, or if you run a blog, what kind of content and contact forms you offer. If you run a service, customers will want to voice their opinions on how working with you went for them, and whether they liked you and your services or not. They’ll want to let others know what to expect when working with you, when buying products from your website, or when they regularly follow your content and take your advice. Taking what your customers have to say seriously also shows your customers that you care about their experience and you want to them to have the best possible experience that they can when they do business with you. This is good for client and customer retention, as many times it’s been proven that customer service and relationships between businesses and their customers matter more than prices and shipping options.

As a business owner, you need to know what the other side of your business is like, for your customers and for your followers. You need to know what kind of experience you’re projecting and offering, regardless of how wildly successful you may be. This gives you a whole different perspective on your business, which also happens to be the most important perspective when it comes right down to it. Business owners who don’t take the time to ask their customers what they think about their businesses often find themselves in quandaries that can be avoided, as you’ll have all of the business answers you’ll need straight from the minds and mouths of the very people you depend on as a business owner- your customers. That is why you should survey your customers, and survey regularly.

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