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INetU Managed Hosting Report Card
Contact Information

Tel: 1-888-664-6388
Email: sales@inetu.net
Website: http://www.inetu.net
Address: 744 Roble Road, Suite 70
Allentown, PA, 18109, United States of America

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Report Card Grade

Support A
Sales A
Plans / Features A
Usability A
Final Grade A
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Editor's Review
Host Introduction What sets INetU apart from the other managed hosting companies who all promise enterprise-grade hardware, top tier facilities, and 24x7x365 support?

Unlike the rest, INetU takes the time to learn your business objectives and establish a powerful, long-term relationship with you. This allows our team to become an extension of your team; operations go more smoothly and your requests are addressed in a way that works best for you. When you choose INetU, you'll understand why our clients say that we are more like a partner than a vendor.
From giving your site the scalability to grow, or setting up a high availability cluster for your site, INetU's team of experts will guide you through the most complicated server infrastructure so that your site is as cutting-edge as it needs to be. With INetU you aren't simply getting the hardware, you're also getting the senior-level systems administrators putting it all in the right places so that your team is free to Think Outside the Server®.
Sales Review Grade: A

INetU Managed Hosting sales team is all about creating custom solutions tailored to business needs and requirements.

Once the sales associate gathers all the information about your company, they were then able to focus on solutions that can deliver superior performance.

Information provided was very thorough, detailed and included information on each of the feature included (along with the benefits it provided the company and its customers).

The dedicated time spent at ensuring our business was delivered with the best possible product was excellent.
What needs improvement: INetU sales associates received the highest grade in our opinion, exceptional customer service.
Support Review Grade: A
What we like: INetU is dedicated to ensuring customers receive Innovative Support options with their hosting solutions. They initiate procedures behind the scenes to ensure technicians are qualified in the following areas:
• Red Hat Certified Engineers
• Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers
• ITIL Certified staff
• CNSS Certified staff
• CCNP Certified staff
• CCSP Certified staff

From hardware related issues to software support, we were impressed with how far the INetU staff will go to resolving customers requests.

We presented INetU techs with a few scenario’s related to third party applications (which are generally not supported from most managed providers). We were extremely satisfied with the results including the follow-up to ensure the implemented changes were benefiting our business.
What needs improvement: Customers who select INetU as their hosting provider will not be disappointed with support help.
Plans / Features Review Grade: A
What we like: Windows, Linux, High Availability Clustered dedicated server options are the core focus for distinguishing INetU products.

Based on the software requirements, INetU can then tailor a customized solution for your business.
What needs improvement: Virtualization products that can be implemented with the servers.
Usability Review Grade: A
What we like: INetU's website is unique, it provides all the necessary information pertaining to hosting specs although it goes into more detail when explaining services included.

Reading through the customer testimonials, and how they have benefited from the technology provided was refreshing.
What needs improvement: None at this time.
Conclusion Grade: A
For over a decade we have been working with organizations that have critical needs. We provide a comprehensive suite of managed hosting services with proven success record, because the organizations we partner with all have similar goals and requirements.
Sales Review
Ticket Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Email Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Live Chat Sales No
Phone Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Toll-Free Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Sales Contact Details
Sales Telephone 1.888.664.6388
Sales Email sales@inetu.net
Main URL http://www.inetu.net
Billing Details
Payment Methods
Account Activation Period 1 - 2 days
Order Verification Documents Required No
Money Back Guarantee
Does Host have an Money Back Guarantee? No
Support Review
Ticket Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Email Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Live Chat Support No
Phone Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Does Host have an SLA? Yes
If yes, what percentage is the SLA? 100%
Hyperlink to SLA http://www.inetu.net/sla

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Hosting Plans
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No. Company Interview Title Date Submitted
1 INetU Managed Hosting INetU Web Host Interview 2/21/2008 10:43:25 AM


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INetU impressed us with their low response times, flexibility, and wide product offering. If you are looking to reduce your current IT infrastructure costs, INetU is the place to go. Fully managed hardware, fully managed server, fully managed network with a 100% SLA – what else can we say? INetU receives our highest recommendation to date.
08/2007 / Dedicated.
03/2007 / Dedicated.

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