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Superb Internet Report Card
Contact Information

Tel: 888-354-6128
Email: sales@superb.net
Website: http://www.superb.net
Address: 711 Kapiolani Blvd., #975
Honolulu, HI, 96813-5294, United States of America

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Support A
Sales A
Plans / Features A
Usability A
Final Grade A
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Editor's Review
Host Introduction Since 1996, Superb Internet Corporation has been helping customers build their presence on the World Wide Web. Today, with customers all over the world, Superb Internet is one of the industry’s leaders in hosting services and more. So if you’re in the market for a provider, Superb Internet could make for an easy choice.

With nearly 20 years of experience to their name, it’s not hard to believe that Superb Internet is one of the largest web hosts in the entire world. Back in 2008, Netcraft documented that they hosted close to 350,000 unique sites.

The company was launched by its current CEO, Harald Jass, and it remains privately held. Its headquarters are in Honolulu with datacenters in Seattle Washington, McLean & Springfield Virginia and Manhattan New York.

Superb Internet can also lay claim to a number of firsts in the industry. They were the first to provide customers with named-based virtual hosting back in the 90s. They were also the first in the 90s to offer the market unlimited site, third-level domain wildcard hosting. In the early 2000s, Superb Internet became the first provider to put forward commercial VPS options. The company was also the first provider that could guarantee 100% network uptime.

Over the years, Superb Internet has won a number of impressive awards. They’ve been recognized by Find My Host via their Editors’ Choice Award for the past seven years. Interestingly, it has also been selected several times by different gaming publications for its part in supporting that industry through its hosting services.
Sales Review Grade: A
What we like: You’ll have no problem ordering services from Superb Internet. Their homepage features a layout of all their products and how to quickly and effectively place your order. Of course, they have plenty of options for learning more about each option before purchasing too.

Alternatively, sales is available via live chat, email and toll free phone (1-888-354-6128) to discuss any needs you have. Live Chat generated the fastest response in our testing, but phone and email were also great methods of communication.

Sales is available from 7am - 11pm EST and you will not have a problem on payment options. Just about every option is available (all major credit cards, PayPal, Money Order, Wire Transfers, Bank Draft, Western Union, JCB & UnionPay).

Superb Internet guarantees all their products and services too, so you can be confident in making your purchase. This includes a price match guarantee that says they’ll lower their prices to meet any out there.
Legal residents of the U.S. and Canada can also count on lower costs if they take contract billing on a monthly, three month or six month billing cycle. One year contracts provide further savings.
What needs improvement: None at this time.
Support Review Grade: A
What we like: All the same modes of communication you can rely on for sales are also present for support. Available 24/7, all technicians are highly skilled and trained to assist customers in their need for hosting help.

Like other high end options out there, Superb Internet offers their customers an extensive library of information about dedicated servers and web hosting through their knowledge base. It’s a great resource for troubleshooting or simply learning the ropes if you’re a beginner.

There are three different support lines: one for customers in the US and Canada, and two for those elsewhere around the world. Customers using dedicated servers have their own support lines for problems specific to those services.

Be advised that if you plan on calling the company for help, they still recommend you open a support ticket first so their staff has a reference.
What needs improvement: None at this time.
Plans / Features Review Grade: A
What we like: Superb Internet offers a number of services for getting your foothold online. These include:

Colocation | Cloud Hosting (Cloud Servers, Dedicated Cloud Servers, Wholesale Cloud Servers, Flex Cloud) | Dedicated Servers (Conventional Servers, Add-on Options, Clearance Servers, Mid-Range Servers, Performance Servers, Other Popular Options) | Hosting (Conventional Hosting, Domain Registration, One-Click Apps) | VPS (Linux VPS, Windows VPS) | Partner Programs (Resellers, Banner Ads, Advocates)

Many of these categories come with comparison shopping options so you can ensure you’re getting the best possible deal for your money.
What needs improvement: None at this time.
Usability Review Grade: A
What we like: No matter what your needs are, you’ll find Superb Internet’s services can match and exceed your expectations. Their website is easy to navigate when locating products, compare services and review information about the technology used to deliver said services.

Plus, if you have any questions at any time, their friendly staff are always readily available to assist.
What needs improvement: None at this time.
Conclusion Grade: A
There’s a lot to be excited about when considering Superb Internet for your hosting needs. You can’t beat their prices, literally, as they’ll match anything out there and their other guarantees are great for peace of mind too. Plus, there’s something to be said for a company that’s been in the industry for close to 20 years. That’s almost unrivaled experience and speaks to a company that knows how to read upcoming trends and adapt to them.
Sales Review
Ticket Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? No. Only from 7am to 11pm
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Email Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? No. Only from 7am to 11pm
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Live Chat Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? No. Only from 7am to 11pm
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Phone Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? No. Only from 7am to 11pm
Toll-Free Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Sales Contact Details
Sales Telephone 1-888-354-6128
Sales Email sales@superb.net
Main URL http://www.superb.net
Billing Details
Payment Methods
Wire, Bank Draft, Western Union, JCB & UnionPay
Account Activation Period 1 day or less
Order Verification Documents Required No
Money Back Guarantee
Does Host have an Money Back Guarantee? Yes
If yes, how many days? 30 days
Hyperlink to Terms and Conditions
Support Review
Ticket Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Email Support No
Live Chat Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Phone Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Does Host have an SLA? Yes
If yes, what percentage is the SLA? 100%
Hyperlink to SLA http://www.superb.net/network/100-uptime

Consumer Reviews
Title Reviewed by Sales Support Plans Usability Submitted
Their support guy is fast! Larry A A B A 3/4/2016 6:01:19 PM
Best Hosting provider Adnan Ansari A A A A 11/22/2010 5:31:23 AM

Hosting Plans
Plan Category Price Storage Transfer
Wholesale Cloud Cloud Servers $700.00  400GB  1000GB 
Cloud-DC1*d-10000 Cloud Servers $595.00  400GB  10GB 
Cloud-DC1*d-7500 Cloud Servers $475.00  325GB  10GB 
Cloud-DC1*d-5000 Cloud Servers $345.00  250GB  10GB 
Cloud - DC1*d-3750 Cloud Servers $270.00  175GB  10000GB 
Cloud - DC1*d-2500 Cloud Servers $195.00  100GB  10000GB 
Cloud -DC1*d-1250 Cloud Servers $120.00  50GB  10000GB 
Cloud-DC1-5000 Cloud Servers $345.00  250GB  10GB 
Cloud-DC1-3750 Cloud Servers $270.00  175GB  10GB 
Cloud-DC1-2500 Cloud Servers $195.00  100GB  10GB 
Cloud-DC1-2500 Cloud Servers $120.00  50GB  10GB 
Cloud-DC1-1250 Cloud Servers $120.00  50GB  10000GB 
Cloud-CS1-625 Cloud Servers $70.00  40GB  4000GB 
Cloud-CS1-468 Cloud Servers $55.00  30GB  3000GB 
Cloud-CS1-312 Cloud Servers $40.00  20GB  2000GB 
Cloud-CS1-156 Cloud Servers $29.00  10GB  1000GB 
Server Colocation Co-Location $99.00  Unlimited  2000GB 
Intel Dual Xeon 3.06GHz Dedicated $219.00  120GB  4000GB 
Intel Dual Xeon 3.06GHz Dedicated $199.00  160GB  4000GB 
Intel Dual Xeon 2.4-2.8GHz Dedicated $179.00  160GB  4000GB 
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No. Company Interview Title Date Submitted
1 Superb Internet How to Protect Your Business from Cloud ‘Overselling’ 8/29/2016 11:58:46 AM
2 Superb Internet Superb Servers Offers Enterprise Solutions at Great Value 12/8/2010 7:38:34 AM
3 Superb Internet Web Host Interview 2/21/2008 2:33:45 PM


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12/2012 / Dedicated.
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10/2012 / Parallels.
09/2012 / Secure Hosting.
08/2012 / Game Servers.
07/2012 / Co-Location.
06/2012 / cPanel Hosting.
05/2012 / E-Commerce.
05/2012 / Co-Location.
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02/2012 / Co-Location.
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12/2011 / Windows Hosting.
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12/2010 / Co-Location.
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11/2010 / Co-Location.
11/2010 / ASP.NET Web Hosting.
10/2010 / Reseller Hosting.
09/2010 / Co-Location.
07/2010 / Blog Hosting.
06/2010 / ASP.NET Web Hosting.
05/2010 / Co-Location.
04/2010 / Dedicated.
03/2010 / Game Servers.
02/2010 / Dedicated.
09/2009 / Game Servers.
07/2009 / Adult Web Hosting.
05/2009 / Dedicated.
02/2009 / Dedicated.
07/2008 / FrontPage Hosting.
06/2008 / Shared Hosting.
FindMyHost Editors’ chose Superb Hosting’s Universal Plan for the June 2008 Shared Editors’ Choice award. In addition to the usual suspects like your choice of UNIX or Windows, the Universal plan is jam packed with features such as a Dedicated IP address, host 11 domains under one account, daily data backup, and a whopping 50GB of disk space! This is obviously a feature rich package, but what about support you ask? This plan also features live 24x7x365 technical support and a 30 day money back guarantee.
05/2008 / Co-Location.
11/2007 / E-Commerce.
09/2007 / E-Commerce.
08/2007 / E-Commerce.
06/2007 / E-Commerce.
03/2007 / ASP.NET Web Hosting.

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